PGA Championship winner Chopley’s father says, “My son has no reason to go to LIV Golf.”

Stefan Schoffli is sitting on a chair and watching his son Zander Schoffli’s swing.

The father of Xander Chopley (USA), who achieved his dream of becoming a ‘major champion’ by winning the PGA Championship, dismissed the possibility of his son transferring to LIV Golf.

Stefan Chopley, who is also Chopley’s coach, told on the 21st (Korean time), the day after his son won the PGA Championship, “My son does not chase money. He pursues fame. As a father, I can assure you that my son will play LIV Golf. “There is no need to go there,” he said.

Major championship winners have good reason to move to LIV Golf.

Chopley has now secured lifetime eligibility for the PGA Championship and five-year eligibility to participate in three other major tournaments.

Even if you move to LIV Golf, you can still participate in major tournaments for the time being.

This means that you can make money at LIV Golf and participate in major tournaments every year.

Unless you are a major champion, the moment you move to LIV Golf, your opportunity to participate in a major tournament virtually disappears.

This is why the transfer of John Lam (Spain) and Cameron Smith (Australia) to LIV Golf was completed after winning the major tournament.

It is widely known that LIV Golf also reaches out to winners of recent major tournaments in consideration of these circumstances.

Stefan revealed that he received an offer from LIV Golf.

He said, “My son and I sat side by side and talked to the person in charge of LIV Golf. He said that if he moved to LIV Golf and never returned to the PGA Tour and did not receive world ranking points, he would not see him again no matter how much money he brought.” .

Stefan, a former German decathlete, learned golf when he was unable to compete in the Olympics due to an accident, and personally taught his son to become a world-class golfer.

When his son won a gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics, he wore the gold medal around his neck for a while. 성인웹툰

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