Compact Ride of the World’s Smallest Travel Casino

There are many famous and very rich casinos all over the world. You can easily find information about the largest or most luxurious casinos. The word “casino” itself is always associated with glamour and brilliance. It is not surprising that gambling activities are constantly increasing in popularity. Therefore, casino operators invest a lot of money in casinos to attract participants’ attention. That’s why shiny and luxurious casinos are overflowing.

But since people are talking about the world’s largest casino, this inevitably raises the following question, which is the smallest. Many people will answer that the smallest casino is probably a poker table in someone’s basement or a slot machine in the living room. But you may be surprised that the world’s smallest casino is actually working. Game tables, dealers, and even bars are well equipped, but they are much smaller than regular casinos. It is small in size and not even in buildings, but good things come in small packages.

In fact, the world’s smallest casino is not located, but you can visit it right in front of the door. Yes, you did. Since the casino is installed in the back of a taxi in London, you can come and pick you up or pick you up wherever you want.

This unique diesel fuel vehicle offers game tables, live dealers, drinks and even internet gambling. Casino taxis were introduced by one of the most famous operators, Grossvenor Casino, and are part of a marketing campaign to promote the company’s land-based casinos and online gambling opportunities. Passengers can use Grossvenor Casino’s official Twitter account to order rides.

Travelers can also be offered two options to use one of the Grosvenor Casino’s land gaming facilities for free once inside, or to travel elsewhere in the city, and optionally pay a donation to the company’s charity, the Careza Trust.

In addition to gaming options, travel casinos offer free tutorials and guidance on a variety of games. Assuming that taxis don’t run out of diesel, passengers can travel throughout the city playing their chosen game.

The color of the taxi is black, so people can easily recognize it. This surreal experience has already attracted many people’s attention, even those who have never heard of casinos. Just because there are no fountains and special casino rooms doesn’t mean this experience is less fun, and even vice versa. Playing in the back of a taxi on the way to work can be even more impressive.


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