Eindhoven youth team coaches train prospects for K League 1 Jeonbuk

Eindhoven youth team coaches who visited Korea last year and were training for the Jeonbuk youth team.

Promising players from professional soccer K-League 1 Jeonbuk Hyundai learn from the youth team coach of the prestigious Dutch PSV Eindhoven.

Jeonbuk Club announced on the 21st that it will invite Eindhoven youth team coaches to train the Jeonbuk youth team.

The Eindhoven coaching staff will teach players from Jeonbuk’s U-18 (under 18), U-15, and U-12 teams for about two weeks from this day to the 2nd of next month, and meet with Jeonbuk leaders to seek development plans together.

The Eindhoven coaching staff consists of three people, including field coach Jack Brazil, who visited Jeonbuk last year, goalkeeper coach Yuri Rulo, and performance coach Tom Patricola. 메이저사이트

The Dutch Eredivisie is a league that has supplied numerous prospects to Europe’s big leagues.

Among them, Eindhoven has a reputation as a club with a very high level of youth development system.

Jeonbuk and Eindhoven signed a mutual agreement last year through Jeonbuk director Park Ji-sung, who played for Eindhoven, and have been engaging in exchanges to foster youth teams.

This August, Jeonbuk U-U will participate in the ‘Oten Elite Cup’ hosted by Eindhoven and attended by prestigious European youth teams such as Atletico Madrid (Spain), Paris Saint-Germain (France), Manchester United (England), and Benfica (Portugal). 18 teams will participate and gain experience on the international stage.

Jeonbuk is also preparing for overseas training by sending Jeonbuk youth team players and coaches to Eindhoven twice in the second half of this year to experience training and guidance.

Lee Do-hyun, Jeonbuk general manager, said, “Youth players are valuable assets to the club that will be responsible for the future of the team, and we are making various attempts to increase their value.” He added, “We will continue to differentiate ourselves from other youth teams and create a team with players that are competitive on the international stage.” “I will try my best,” he said. 온라인 슬롯