The team that plays well wins Top 5 stolen base teams, top team rankings

As base size increases, KBO League steal success rate rises to 75% “If the steal success rate is over 70%, it is beneficial to the team’s win rate.”

LG’s Park Hae-min attempts to steal a base

In this year’s professional baseball, the size of the first, second, and third base bases increased from ’15 inches wide x 15 inches tall’ to ’18 inches wide x 18 inches tall.

The purpose is to increase the excitement of the game by reducing the possibility of collisions between fielders and runners and encouraging more attempts to steal bases.

As the size of the base increased, the distance the runner had to run became slightly shorter, creating an environment favorable to stealing bases. 카지노사이트

Changes are clearly evident in the records.

In the 2024 KBO League, a total of 232 games were played until the 20th, with 10 teams attempting to steal a total of 563 times and succeeding 423 times.

Each team attempted to steal 2.42 times per game, with a success rate of 75.13%.

This is a significant increase compared to last year.

As of 233 games in the 2023 season, a total of 458 stolen base attempts were made, and 327 stolen bases were successful.

They attempted 1.97 times per game, recording a success rate of 71.40%.

This year’s KBO League steal attempts increased by 81.4% compared to the same time last year, and the success rate also increased by 3.73%.

The effect of increasing the base size seems clear.

It is also noticeable that teams that steal a lot of bases accumulate a lot of wins.

The top 5 teams in stolen bases this season are LG Twins (75), KIA Tigers (57), Doosan Bears (52), SSG Landers (51), and NC Dinos (48). All of these teams have a winning percentage of over .500 and are fighting for the top 5. (LG and SSG are tied for 5th place in the team rankings)

The Samsung Lions (39) are the only team that ranked in the top 5 but did not rank in the top 5 steals.

However, Samsung’s team stealing success rate is 81.25%, ranking second overall. Although the number of stolen bases is low, he is showing great mobility.

On the other hand, teams with poor mobility are stuck at the bottom of the rankings.

The Hanwha Eagles, ranked 9th in the team rankings, have recorded 22 stolen base attempts and 15 failed steals this season, recording a steal success rate of 59.46%.

Among the 10 teams, Hanwha is the only team with a steal success rate of less than 70%.

The Lotte Giants, ranked last in the team rankings, are 6th in this category with 41 stolen bases.

KT Wiz, whose team ranking fell to 8th place due to injuries to key players, has only 23 team steals (8th place) this season.

Kiwoom, ranked 7th in the team rankings, succeeded in stealing 15 bases, the fewest among the 10 teams.

The reason why the team rankings and team steal rankings show similar trends appears to be due to the ‘stealing success rate.’

Dan Turkenkopf, vice president of baseball strategy for the Milwaukee Brewers of the American professional baseball league (MLB) and a sabermetrics expert, wrote in a past article on that “stealing bases has an effect of 0.018 wins plus when successful and minus 0.043 wins when failed.” He explained, “If the steal success rate is above 70%, it is beneficial to the team’s win rate, but if it falls below it, it can actually be detrimental.”

In this year’s KBO League, the overall steal success rate exceeded 75%, which can be seen as having a relatively large impact on team wins and team rankings. 안전 슬롯사이트