Wheel of Fortune 4D game that pairs gesture recognition and mid-air haptic technologies to offer players a gaming experience unlike any other.

Gesture recognition technology enables players to interact with and manipulate the game’s 3D objects, without having to wear 3D glasses, and the mid-air haptic technology allows players to experience tactile feedback from the game’s graphics.

The Wheel of Fortune 4D game is a Wide Area Progressive (WAP) jackpot–eligible game that is housed on IGT’s towering CrystalCurve TRUE 4D cabinet. The game incorporates iconic game-play elements such as the millionaire-making “Wheel Bonus” with its signature “WHEEL-OF-FORTUNE!” chant, and the likeness of famed Wheel of Fortune TV personality Vanna White. Wheel of Fortune 4D introduces a bank-wide bonus event across the 50-inch, curved, ultra-HD upper displays of up to six banked cabinets to create one unified graphic of the Wheel of Fortune wheel. The player whose winning wager initiated the bonus can then spin the wheel and all Wheel of Fortune 4D players sitting at the bank will enjoy a shared experience.무료 슬롯

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