Sono took the lead right before the end of the third quarter, but he finished the third quarter 59-59 against KT Paris Bath’s 3-pointer at the end of the third quarter.

From the fourth quarter, Sono committed 10 mistakes and destroyed himself. It is no exaggeration to say that players who stepped on the court made mistakes one by one. Jeon Seong-hyeon made three mistakes and Min Gi-nam made two mistakes due to KT’s strong defense. In addition, five players including Han Ho-bin and Davis made one mistake each.

Sono committed a total of 24 mistakes. Jeon Seong-hyeon and Chinanu Onuaku accounted for the largest number of four mistakes. The 24 mistakes in a match are tied for 11th in the KBL history. The No. 1 spot was taken by Kia Busan in the match against Wonju Narae on Dec. 14, 1997. The joint second place was taken by 27 mistakes, and the joint fifth place was taken by 26 mistakes. The joint 11th place was followed by the 24 mistakes.

Sono’s 10 mistakes in the fourth quarter rank joint 15th in history, if narrowed down to one quarter. The 10 mistakes rank second only to 12 tied for first and 11 tied for fifth.

In fact, Sono doesn’t get many turnovers this season. Until Sunday, his team had 8.5 errors on average, ranking first in the league in terms of minimum error. The league’s average was 10.2 errors. However, 24 errors resulted in 9.3 errors on average, losing the top spot to the Seoul SK Wyverns (8.7 errors).토토사이트

Overall, Sono’s fighting spirit was strong. Veteran Kim Kang-sun collapsed complaining of pain from a calf injury, but was replaced after returning to the court. Kim Min-wook, who suffered a neck injury during the game, also stepped on the court again.

However, Lee’s absence could not be erased. Lee Jung-hyun, who took charge of Sono’s everything from game management to match-winner troubleshooter as he ranked first in the league (26 minutes and 27 seconds) in playing time, was clearly seen in the game. Lee will be away for about a month after suffering a right shoulder injury in the match against Korea Gas Corporation in Daegu on Saturday.

“We performed well until the third quarter when (Lee) Jung-hyun was absent. We performed very well. We performed very hard. It is not easy to handle the game due to physical strength issues. We replaced players to prepare for the fourth quarter, but we got turnovers. There is no player who can defend. If we send out a defensive lineup, we cannot attack. We need to clean up where we made mistakes.”

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