Yang entered the professional league in 2005 as a member of Ulsan Hyundai University, and decided to end his 19-year career after this match.

Yang has made a remarkable achievement. He has scored 100 goals (353 games) in total.

Lee Dong-gook (228 goals) and Jeong Jo-gook (123 goals or above) deserve to be called an authentic striker. The 100 goal mark is achieved by only 12 players in the K-League, which marks its 40th anniversary this year. “I felt sad after deciding to retire. I underwent hard training to score a single chance, both rainy and snowy, but it’s good to think about it no longer. However, it’s a shame to think that I will never play in front of my fans again,” Yang said.

Yang has displayed remarkable skills since he was young. In 2002, when he was 16, he was selected as the first member of the Korea Football Association’s “Next-generation Prospects Project” and went to study at FC Mes (France, first division at the time). With a physique (1 m86 cm tall, 80 kg) as good as a European player and outstanding goal-getting ability, he also caught the attention of local scouts in Europe. As a result, he was scouted by Real Valladolid (Spain, then first division). Unfortunately, he failed due to an injury in his thigh right before signing a Valladolid professional league contract. After returning to Korea, he made his K-League debut in 2005 with Ulsan Hyundai.

Since then, he has displayed remarkable performance and elevated himself to a top striker in the K-League. He also has played in two A-matches with the national flag. When he was playing for the Pohang Steelers in 2017, he scored 19 goals to enjoy his prime time. Back then, he was a rare top scorer in Korea. In overall ranking, he was the second highest scorer after Taggart (22 goals, Suwon Samsung at the time). The nickname “burning furnace striker,” which means a player who constantly shoots out fire (goals) from the tip of his foot, was coined at that time.

Afterwards, he played for Cerezo Osaka, Abispa Fukuoka (Japan), and Seongnam FC in 2021. He achieved 100 goals in his first season as a member of Suwon FC. He asked Yang to select a moment of honor. “I can’t forget the moment when I scored my 100th goal. To put my name on the record of having only 12 players in the 40-year history of the K-League is like a medal in my soccer life,” he said. “I wouldn’t have made it without my parents and my wife’s support.”토토사이트

Yang has decided to continue his soccer career as a leader. Yang has been a playing coach for this season and served as a bridge between players, coaches and coaches. “I felt how important the role of a leader is while playing as a playing coach for this season. A leader has many things to care about and a stressful job, but he has a unique charm. I want to take on the challenge in earnest,” Yang confessed.

“There are many fans who have supported and cared for me from 19 years ago to this year,” Yang said with a smile. “I received an undeserved number of people considering my fans’ support and skills. I am grateful. I am a happy player. I will play ‘Melting furnace soccer’ to lift your heart even as a leader.”

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