‘Unrealistic’ Super Match Plan, Also Signs Of Big Accident

TVing, an OTT company that has acquired the right to broadcast online, is facing a crisis right from the beginning. The company called for a debate over whether to pay for the program or not, but it was under fire for its poor service in exhibition games. You may make a mistake because it is your first time, but when SAFE is designated as SAVE, and when you look at the player’s number and see the player’s number instead of batting order, you can refer to the team as No. 22, and when you refer to the Lions as Lions, it is no different from shouting for a fee and deceiving fans. 토토사이트넷

After all, TVing CEO Choi Joo-hee said, “We are fully aware of what was lacking in the pilot game service broadcast. We will provide perfect service in time for the opening of the game. I promise to the fans,” bowing his head.

He explained why they decided to invest 135 billion won in KBO League broadcasting, and emphasized that they are sincere about baseball and will develop content that is worth paying for.

One example is “Super Match.” It is a game in which TVing produces and broadcasts one game a week. He expressed his ambition to show off something new to the fans. It is Major League style. An open studio will be set up on the ground 40 minutes before the game starts, and a preview show will be held. Interviews with the director and key player will be held at the show. After the game, he plans to visit the locker room or dugout to provide viewers with a realistic view and share stories behind the scenes. “The opening game against LG Twins and Hanwha Eagles is the first Super Match game,” Teaving said with confidence.

However, it remains to be seen whether all of these programs will be implemented. As they invested a lot of money in themselves, KBO and other clubs should cooperate with TVing as much as possible. If you look inside, both KBO and other clubs abandoned their existing operators and joined hands with TVing to make money. If you don’t get paid and help, TVing can be disappointing, too. However, it is practically impossible to help by breaking the culture and customs of the KBO League.

First, installing an open studio on the ground. The set-up is required 40 minutes before the game starts, and the away team needs to train one hour before the game starts. You should never interrupt this training. It is impossible to create a nice Major League-style studio, if you simply bring a table to broadcast.

In the case of the opening game between LG and Hanwha, broadcasting is scheduled on air. Their movements and interviews may overlap. With the game just around the corner, coaches and key players may be able to display their sincerity in the preview show. This is a time for away team coaching staff and players to eat and relax after training.

The most unrealistic thing is the plan after the game. Unlike the Major League, the KBO League is very reluctant to let outsiders into the locker room. The same applies to shooting of the dugout. After the game, the team filmed the locker room and the dugout and provided vivid images to the fans. The purpose is very good, but it is almost impossible in reality in the KBO League. The winning team may be reluctant to do this, but if the team puts a camera on the losing team, it will only make them angry. In fact, after the exhibition game ended, TVing’s staff stormed into the dugout of the A team, and the players, who were not aware of this, protested against the public relations team.

The question is whether Teaving is aware of this reality and is pushing for a huge project. Teaving Lee Hyun-jin, CSO, said, “We are cooperating with KBO and clubs as much as possible so that the players will not be disturbed. Both KBO and clubs are helping us to experiment with new content.” It is fortunate to hear that.

However, the reality is tough. “We are explaining to TVING about fairness with existing media and the atmosphere on the spot,” a KBO official said. “No matter how many times we signed a broadcasting rights contract, we cannot give them special favors.” Clubs are even more embarrassed. “If an official notice is sent, all of them will come true. There are many things that are not realistic. We plan to express our opinions to KBO for now.” This means that LG has not promised to cooperate in everything.

If all of these plans are thoroughly discussed in advance, great broadcasts can be made that have never been done before. However, the current atmosphere feels like TVing is drawing too much ‘long’ light. It really requires careful preparation.

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