The Seoul Series and the opening game, which flew in vain, are not the end

Kiwoom Heroes manager Hong Won-ki said firmly. Ahead of the exhibition game against the Changwon NC Dinos on the 11th, Lee Joo-hyung (23) clearly said he would not use the second Lee Jung-hoo in the opening game against the KIA Tigers on the 23rd. Lee left the team due to thigh pain at the last minute of the Kaohsiung Spring Camp in Taiwan and returned home. 스포츠토토

He needs treatment for the time being. It does not appear that he needs rehabilitation for a long time. However, his return to the game in March has gone up in smoke. If he was not sick, he seemed a strong candidate to play in the Seoul Series Special Match from July 17 to 18, but it went up in smoke.

“I’m worried because I hurt the part that I hurt last year again,” coach Hong Won-ki said. In fact, Lee hurt his left thigh at the end of the 2023 season. He recovered after rehabilitation after the season, but the fact that he injured the same part again could mean that he might not have fully recovered at the time, and that the damage was severe.

Coach Hong Won-ki considered Lee Ju-hyung and sent him as designated hitter. However, he could not stop Lee from fighting spirit and passion. He had such past experiences, but he could not force Lee to fight twice. If so, it is an anachronistic idea. It is the right choice to let him rest here.

If he returns to a healthy state even in April, he will be able to play full-time. Coach Hong Won-ki sought to keep the first to third batters, ranging from Kim Hye-sung (second baseman), Ronnie Dawson (left fielder), and Lee Ju-hyung (middle fielder) in this season. He believed that he would improve his scoring ability only when he drives forward the players who are the best in his team.

However, he will start operating Plan B. Coach Hong Won-ki has started forward deployment of Lim Ji-yeol, who started to show stellar performance in exhibition games last season. He is likely to deploy Lim Ji-yeol and veteran Choi Joo-hwan to the centerline. If veterans who showed slightly poor performance last year, such as Lee Hyung-jong, Lee Won-seok and Lee Yong-kyu, gain strength, they will be able to change the mood in the dugout.

It is important for Lee Joo-hyung, who played 83 games in the first division, to gain experience playing full-time in good health. I hope he returns soon, but even if it takes time, it is more important to get his thighs treated perfectly and come back. No one can be free from injury.

Kiwoom won its fourth consecutive game against Changwon NC Dinosaurs on Wednesday after Oh Seok-ju was hit by a walk-off grand slam by Ahn Jung-yeol. However, content and process are important in exhibition games. Kiwoom is steadily practicing without Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants).

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