The shot was in the goalkeeper’s arms.

Chelsea’s contact with Cucurella has been made again, and Marcos Alonso and Regilon are also on the list of recruitment. Manchester United has also decided to consider signing a Taliafico contract with manager Ten Haach, he said.

Regilon played as a top Primera Liga fullback for Sevilla. He joined Mourinho and played in the Premier League, but he did not perform as overwhelmingly as he did in Sevilla. After Antonio Conte took the helm, he played full-time, but groaned due to injury.

During the Conte years, he worked on reinforcing large positions. At that time, he brought in Ivan Perisic and Jed Spence to reinforce the right flank. Although he could maintain his competition with Regilon to play in the UEFA Champions League, Conte was not part of his plan.

Regillon also showed affection for key striker Son Heung-min in October 2021. When asked in an official interview with the club, “Do you have a Premier League star that you have liked since you were young?” he said, “I was a huge fan of Son Heung-min. “I really love and like Son Heung-min,” he said.

Tottenham has sorted out the players who were excluded from Conte’s plan step by step. Joe Roden, who joined Mourinho as manager, left for Ligue 1 in France, and Harry Winks is also scheduled to move to Italy’s Serie A Sampdoria. On top of that, Regilon has been loaned to Atletico Madrid.

Regillon has been on Tottenham’s clean-up list since late July last year. He was included in the release list, and Fabio Paratić, head of the team, made counterproposals to a number of teams, including Inter Milan. According to Fabrizio Romano and Gerard Romero, Barcelona also watched Regilon.

In the end, Atletico Madrid was the destination that was decided ahead of the 2022-23 season. Atletico Madrid said on its official club website, “Tottenham and Regillon have agreed to be hired on loan. After completing the Atletico Madrid medical test, he even completed the contract. “He will play on loan until the 2022-23 season,” he announced.

He returned to Tottenham after his career in Atletico Madrid. Currently, Tottenham are starting the 2023-24 season with new tactics and squad composition under manager Postecoglou. He tied in the opening game, but showed a good early start by winning two consecutive games without losing a point from the second round.

However, he is about to pull out the knife on August 31, when the European summer transfer market ends. Now, I’m going to boldly throw away players who are not in the team plan. According to the British media “Independent,” a total of six people were on the list of murderers. In fact, Dyer, Regilon, Ndombele, Tanganga and Spence, including goalkeeper Lloris, who said goodbye to Tottenham, are the targets of the arrangement.

Coach Postecoglou also said, “We have more players than the number of Premier League entries. I think the problem will be solved within this week,” he said, acknowledging some major release. Under the current circumstances, the release of Regilon is a fait accompli.

Currently, Tottenham has 31 players over the age of 21. 25 entries must be submitted to the Premier League Secretariat by the 13th of next month. The remaining six players must be leased or transferred completely to form a smooth squad. If it is not organized, it is highly likely that six players will have to play only in the cup competition. The League Cup and the FA Cup are the only ones because they did not participate in the European competition.
Tottenham Hotspur won 2-0 against Bournemouth in the third round of the English Premier League in the 2023-24 season at Vitality Stadium in Bournemouth, England. He never lost from the opening game, and it was a clean sheet for two consecutive games.

The beginning of the game was tight. Bournemouth also put pressure on Tottenham by raising the line high. Tottenham looked at the opportunity by turning the ball short from the back. The pass went smoothly. Tottenham targeted Bournemouth’s defense with a play using their teammates. Son Heung-min broke down the opponent’s side with a personal breakthrough in the third minute of the first half. He attempted a cross but was blocked by Bournemouth’s land-based defense.

Tottenham missed a crucial opportunity. Son Heung-min caught the ball in the 14th minute of the first half, taking advantage of the opponent’s defensive error. He gave an accurate pass to penetrating Madison. Madison’s shot was caught on the goalkeeper’s toes and swallowed the disappointment. However, Tottenham, who was knocking, scored the first goal. In the 17th minute of the first half, Madison penetrated the back space of the opponent and calmly pushed it with his right foot. Papesar’s through pass penetrated the opponent’s defense. Madison scored his debut goal for Tottenham.

Tottenham, which heated up with goals, continued to drive Bournemouth. Madison handed the exact space pass to Son Heung-min, who dug into the left side. Son Heung-min connected an exquisite cross to a non-horse rushing to the gate.


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