The main stadium of Jamsil Sports Complex, built in 1984, has been underutilized due to aging facilities.

The Seoul Metropolitan Government announced on the 29th that it has begun remodeling the main stadium of Jamsil Sports Complex with the aim of completing it in December 2026.

Accordingly, the Seoul Metropolitan Government selected the winning work through an international nomination design contest in 2018 and completed the design in July this year.

With the resumption of the Olympics in mind, the city consulted the Korea Athletics Federation and reflected it in its design so that it could significantly strengthen its stadium function to obtain recognition for first-class track and field stadiums that can host international and national events.

It will focus on maintaining historicality by improving the viewing environment inside the main stadium and preserving the original structure of the structure such as ribs and canopy outside.

In addition, the deck facility of the main stadium will be expanded to greatly expand professional sports facilities and living sports facilities, and a 30-meter-wide pedestrian plaza (Woolim Square) connecting Tancheon Stream and the Han River will be created to increase accessibility for citizens.

The city plans to create the Jamsil Main Stadium area as an urban sports and cultural complex and civic space..

Along with the remodeling of the main stadium, the Jamsil Student Gymnasium was relocated to establish a swimming pool including a diving ground inside the student gymnasium and designed to hold international competitions in connection with the private swimming pool.

Yeo Jang-kwon, head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Balanced Development Headquarters, said, “We will do our best to ensure that Jamsil Main Stadium, the sacred place for the 88 Olympics, is reborn as a complex space with sports and daily life and a landmark in Seoul.”


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