All participants who want to enjoy the pleasure of many casinos in Korea

There are about 17 casinos in Korea, although locals can gamble with foreigners inside Kangwon Land Casino in Gangwon Province, located in rural Gangwon Province, about 93 miles from Seoul. Opened in 2000 and operated by Kangwon Land Inc., the facility has the largest gaming floor in the Asian country of 293,757 sq ft with about 180 gaming tables as well as about 1,360 slots.

According to reports, the bill was submitted to the National Assembly on Tuesday by Kim Kwang-soo of the Democratic Peace Party at the joint initiative of nine other federal lawmakers. Designed as a way to prevent young players from becoming addicted to gambling, the bill calls for revising Articles 22 and 28 of the Tourism Promotion Act to increase the minimum age for all gamblers to 21.

In submitting the proposed bill, Kim elaborated on the recent rise in gambling addiction cases, arguing that his measures would keep Korea in step with other Asian countries such as Singapore and Macau by requiring all casino players to be at least 21.

The Korea Casino Association is expected to fight against Kim’s proposed bill by submitting its objections to the National Assembly. The group is also expected to claim that the move will hit Kangwon Land Casino the hardest and further exacerbate last year’s 32.1 percent drop in comparative profit.


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