셰얼하오 돌풍을 잠재운 신진서(오른쪽)

Shin Shin-seo (23), the world’s strongest professional knight and the last bastion of Korean Go, is once again attempting a miracle.Shin Shin-seo will represent Korea alone in the final three rounds of the 25th Nongshim Shin Ramyun Bae World Go Championship, which begins in Shanghai, China, on Sept. 19.Known as the “Three Kingdoms of Go,” the Nongshim Bae sportstotozonecom is a national tournament in which five players each from Korea, China, and Japan compete to determine the winner in a best-of-three series in which the winner stays in the tournament and the loser is eliminated.South Korea’s 8th dan Seol Hyun-joon and 9th dan Byun Sang-il, Won Sung-jin, and Park Jung-hwan participated in the first and second rounds of the tournament, but all were eliminated without a single win.China, on the other hand, swept the first and second rounds, with first-player Xue Shenghao 9th dan winning seven consecutive games.Japan’s first player, Xu Zhaoyuan 9th, defeated Seol Hyunjun in the first match of the first round, but Wu Zhenghua 8th and Shibano Toramaru-Ichiriki Ryo 9th were eliminated after being caught in the Sheolhao typhoon.South Korea, the only other country without a win, was saved from elimination when Shin Shin-seo, the last player in the final nine of the second round in Busan last December, defeated Sheolhao.

Shin Shin-seo, the only South Korean to win, will face Japan’s Yuta Iyama in the first match of the third round, which begins next week.If he defeats Iyama as expected, he will have to face China’s Kerze-Dinghao-Guzhihao-Zhao Tianyu 9th Squad in turn.Shin Shin-seo will need to pull off a miraculous six-game winning streak to lead Korea to an upset victory.Previously, Shin had led South Korea to three consecutive titles at the Nongshim Bae.In the 22nd edition of the tournament, which was held online, he was the fourth runner to win five straight finishes, and in the 23rd edition, he was the last runner to win four straight finishes, leading to an upset victory.Shin also competed as the last runner last year, defeating China’s Gu Zhihao and handing South Korea its third straight loss, and is currently on an 11-game winning streak in the Nongshim Cup.However, it’s unclear if Shin will be able to achieve the ‘final six’ under the immense pressure.Only three runners in history have won seven consecutive races in the first round of a single Nongshim Boat race – China’s Fan Tingyu, Yang Dingxin and Xue Shenghao.However, the record for winning streaks in the final three rounds to clinch the title is five in a row, set by Lee Chang-ho in the sixth edition and Shin Shin-seo in the 22nd edition.

It will be interesting to see if Shin Shin-seo can become the first player to win six consecutive finishes and lead Korea to a fourth consecutive title.Meanwhile, next week in Shanghai, the senior professional players will compete for the title in the Nongshim Baeksan Su Bae alongside the Nongshim Shin Ramyeon Bae.South Korea, whose 9th dan Seo Bong-soo was eliminated in the first round in Beijing, China, last October, will be represented by the 9th dan Choi Kyu-byung-Yoo Chang-hyuk-Jo Hoon-hyun.China will be represented by Nye Weiping, Chaodayuan, Ma Xiaochun, and Japan will be represented by Masaki Takemiya and Norimoto Yoda.The prize money for the Shin Ramen Bae team is 500 million won.Individuals will receive 10 million won for three consecutive wins and 10 million won for each additional win.For knights born before 1969, the prize for winning the Baeksan Manhunt is 180 million won, and the prize for winning a streak 스포츠토토존 is 5 million won.


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