Kim Yeon-kyung is also in full bloom

“Oh, Woo, Heung (the winner is Heungkuk Life anyway) ” has been revived. Heungkuk Life continued its hope of reclaiming the lead by gaining momentum with four consecutive wins.

Heungkuk Life Insurance defeated Hyundai Engineering & Construction 3-0 in an away match for the fifth round of the women’s team of the “Dodram 2023-2024 V-League” held at Suwon Gymnasium on Sunday. Heungkuk Life Insurance, ranking second with 22 wins and 6 losses and 62 points, succeeded in closing the gap with Hyundai Engineering & Construction (21-7, 65 points).

There are only eight more games to go until the end of the regular season. Now, it is hard for anyone to predict the direction of the ticket to the championship game. “If I have to, I should focus on tickets for the playoffs,” said Marcello Abondan, manager of Heungkuk Life Insurance (Italy), who said before the game, “Anything can happen. The possibility of winning the first prize has been opened.”

Heungkuk Life Insurance, which had been unstable not long ago, is back on track thanks to the joining of Willow, a new foreign player. Willow, who replaced Yelena, who had been under controversy over her career, received acceptance points in the four matches she played as a member of Heungkuk Life Insurance. On the day, which was a watershed moment for the team’s competition to become the leader, she scored 14 points in the match against Hyundai Engineering & Construction, ranking second in the team after veteran ace Kim Yeon-kyung (17 points).

As wingers joined forces side by side, attack routes expanded. Asia quarter striker Raina scored 11 points, and middle blocker Lee Ju-ah also added two more blocks and seven points.

Willow, who participated in the V-League foreign player draft in 2022 and last year but failed to be selected, did not miss the opportunity that came suddenly. With his unique energy and affinity, he quickly melted into the team and upgraded Heungkuk Life’s strength. Since the match against Korea Expressway Corporation on April 30, when Willow joined, Heungkuk Life has been racing to win.

“We have great teammates who can help each other and unite us,” said Willow. “We are learning many things by focusing on each other.” Kim Yeon-koung is also grateful for Willow. Yelena’s pace dropped, adding that she felt pressured, and she found a good partner at a time when she suffered from fatigue accumulated. “I watched a video of Willow’s performance in the U.S.,” Kim said. “While we were together, I realized that we have much better skills.” Most of our MBTI (personality type test) tend to be I, but Willow is an E-type personality test. Leadership and play are a big contributor,” she said with a big smile.

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