“It’s enough pressure to the opponent.”

He’s such a high-quality player, so his opponent feels pressured.”

Wonju DB Promi won 82-68 in the fifth round home game against Seoul SK Knights in 2023-2024 professional basketball held at Wonju Gymnasium on the 13th.

As a result, DB has achieved two consecutive wins and is now facing the time to reorganize its team. The season’s record stands at 33 wins and 10 losses, and a 4.5-game gap versus runner-up Suwon KT Sonicboom.

“Recently, I have been using Jeff Widdy to arrange the playing time for Didric Lawson, and he has the height of his body, mobility and shooting ability. I haven’t been able to send him out much due to consideration of Lawson’s condition, but I decided that he should increase his utilization towards the end of the second half of the season. He did a good job in the previous game as well as today. All 12 players played their roles in the team,” Kim said after the match.

“Height is the biggest advantage. He is skinny but he is not weak. Even if he is pushed back, he feels burdened because he is so tall. Thanks to him, I think he has a rebound advantage and made a few more quick attacks,” he said.

On the other hand, Lawson is struggling to recover his condition as manager Kim said.

On Lawson, Kim said, “Now the opponent knows a lot about Lawson and prepares for him, and he also has physical problems. Among them, I think Lawson can overcome his physical strength. As his physical strength declined, he seemed to be mentally shaken. I think he needs to adjust the time better in the sixth round.”

Meanwhile, the victory reduced DB’s regular league winning magic number to 9.

Lastly, manager Kim Joo-sung said, “If the regular league championship is confirmed early, Lawson may be given more rest. I hope so because I have to prepare for the playoffs along with Lawson and Widdie.”

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