River Rock Casino Under Investigation Over Handling Sexual Assault Charges Against Employees

British Columbia’s current money laundering investigation, sparked after suspicious money deals were found at several casinos across the state, is now overshadowed by allegations of sexual harassment. According to the respected Canadian news outlet, River Rock Casino is once again in the spotlight, but this time it has been found to have handled a sex crime case.

British Columbia Lottery Company (BCLC), the state’s gaming regulator and crown company, has launched an investigation into River Rock casino management, Global News reported on Friday. Leading Canadian news outlet says BCLC is investigating actions taken by casinos after multiple incidents occurred in VIP gaming rooms at casino resorts. One of them includes allegations of sexual assault by a VIP gambler against a casino employee.

The publication cites an October 2017 letter from Attorney General David Evey, which ordered BCLC President and CEO Jim Lightbody to immediately begin an investigation. Lightbody had to check if there had been any sexual harassment or sexual assault at River Rock Casino. In addition, he had to report on the actions taken by BCLC and Great Canadian Gaming, a service provider responsible for the day-to-day gaming operations of the property.

Gambling regulators have also been charged with exposing whether casino executives did not report the assault to BCLC for any reason. In addition, Evie requested information about possible non-disclosure agreements signed by River Rock employees. In January, the Justice Department highlighted an investigation into River Rock casino employees who violated Canada’s Financial Transactions and Report Analysis Centre (FINTAC) guidelines related to third-party cash purchases. This was just one of many inquiries about the Richmond-based casino resort.

Global News also says private security firm Paladin has been hired to conduct an investigation into the sexual harassment case. The company interviewed several employees, drew some conclusions, and submitted a report to Lightbody. 슬롯게임

Has sexual harassment actually happened in River Rock?
Details of Paladin’s report were not released, but BCLC spokesman Lara Garritz said regulators had “deeply reviewed” the allegations and forwarded them to the gaming policy and enforcement department. According to global news sources, the company’s report includes potential sexual assault. The alleged 2016 incident included a drunken VIP gambler who assaulted a female casino employee.

The Great Canadian also confirmed that such an incident occurred. A female worker at River Rock Casino says the company “was caught inappropriately” immediately banned VIP customers who bullied employees from all Great Canadian facilities in the country. The regulator was then contacted to provide all relevant information and evidence to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

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