“My goal is to play more N-team games than last year”

“My goal is to play more N-team games than last year,” said Yoon Hyung-joon (NC Dinos infielder), who completed a career-high season last year.

Best known as the nephew of former LG Twins coach Lee Jong-beom and cousin of Lee Jung-hoo (San Francisco Giants), Yoon had his best season since making his professional debut in 2013, batting .218 (55-for-55) with five home runs, 27 RBIs, 17 runs scored and one stolen base in 82 games last year.

Yoon, who is preparing for this season at the C team camp at Masan Stadium, said, “It’s the first time I’ve been a captain in baseball, even though it’s a C team. I’m trying to make sure that the tension in training doesn’t drop from me, and I’m working out with the younger juniors. I’m trying to create a good atmosphere,” he said.

“I think it’s not easy for the juniors to approach the seniors, so I think I have to approach the juniors first. I think it definitely takes time for the younger players and rookies to adjust to the team,” he added.

On the secret to his career-high season last year,

Yoon said, “Coach Song Ji-joon and Coach Jin Jong-gil told me, ‘You have to get used to failing. You have to get used to failing, and you have to practice forgetting it quickly,'” he said.

“I thought it would be more helpful to tell the juniors about that as well. I’ve been clapping for them, telling them it’s okay to make mistakes, and helping them not to get carried away from practice. I’m grateful that they’re following along,” he said.

For Yoon, strengthening his offense is his top priority, “I’m working hard on what I need to do. “I’m also working on my defense, 스포츠토토 but I’m prioritizing my hitting,” he said. “I’m working on everything from how to look at the pitcher to how to make adjustments to make it easier for me to make a good hit.

“As I was working through the drills, I realized that I was hitting a little too hard last season. I will talk to coach Cho Young-hoon and practice to make more good batted balls.”

Yoon concluded, “My goal is to play more N-team games than last year, rather than the numerical part. I plan to prepare and practice for my own development without thinking about the training environment or anything else,” he concluded.


C team batting coach Cho Young-hoon said, “I feel that the overall condition of the batters has dropped a bit. The first two turns were when the players were building their bodies, so we tried to adjust their condition and pace them.”

“It’s not that the batting hasn’t gotten better with each turn, but the intensity of the various team drills has increased, and I think the overall physical condition has dropped due to physical exhaustion. I realized once again that even if you are individually fit and join a team, team sports are physically demanding,” he added.

Coach Cho Young-hoon praised the rookies, saying, “The overall batting pace is decreasing, but the experienced player (Yoon) seems to be moving at his own pace.”

“The rookies prepared a lot in the off-season and are still showing good form, but I can see that they are struggling a bit in terms of physical strength because this is their first team training as professional players,” he said.

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