The media set up a lineup of the most dangerous players.

Cantona, who was famous for “Kung Fu Kick” as a player, was named. In January 1995, he was sent off during a game against Crystal Palace. The incident took place afterwards. While exiting the stadium, a Crystal Palace fan cursed him about his parents. Cantona, unable to hold back her anger, threw a kick at the crowd.

Diego Costa, who made a name for his rough play, was also there. He caused several controversies by committing unnecessary fouls. In particular, he was suspended for three games for deliberately stepping on an opposing defender in the League Cup semifinals against Liverpool in the 2014/15.

Zinedine Zidane, the last game of his career, and who tried to beat him in the World Cup final, was also included. During the game, the opponent Materachi made a harsh remark about Zidane’s sister, and he responded with a head-butting.

Craig Bellamy, who tried to assault his teammate with a golf club, was also indispensable. He got into a fight after drinking with Jon Arnerise. Later, Bellamy entered the accommodation while Lise was sleeping and assaulted Lise with a golf club. 메이저사이트

Joey Barton, the epitome of hot temper, was recognized for his fighting spirit and defensive ability based on his unique amount of activity. But personality was a problem. If the game didn’t work out well or was played by the opponent’s ace, there was no doubt a tough tackle. In the 2010/11 season, he punched his opponent in the abdomen when he made a joke during a game.

Sergio Ramos was also there. He is one of the best defenders of all time. It has been named the FIFA World Best 11 times. Even considering that he is in a position where relatively rough play is inevitable, he received too many warnings. Since his debut, he has accumulated 236 yellow cards and 9 red cards.

In addition, players who were famous for their “one personality” during their active days, such as Roy Keane, Nigel De Jong, Andoni Goikoechea, Pepe, and Oliver Kahn, were selected as the best 11.

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