Las Vegas Myth Rebuilding: Las Vegas Is At Immediate Risk Of Water Shortage

Because of its proximity to Lake Mead, which gets 90 percent of the water, most people speculate that Las Vegas is a major city threatened by the reservoir’s surprisingly reduced water supply. Realistically, being close to Lake Mead ensures that Las Vegas can provide water in the near future.

As of December 17, Lake Mead had a capacity of 27 % which is 1,043 feet above sea level. (Note, this is not a measure of water depth) It is the lowest level since the reservoir was first filled in 1937.

However, Las Vegas will be one of the last southwestern cities in serious danger of running out of Colorado rivers.

Wet Republic
One of the reasons is that Las Vegas has been stockpiling for eight years for a water emergency. Some are stored in the injected underground water aquifer and some are part of the water in Lake Mead. By comparison, San Diego’s water authority, which receives about half of its supply from the Colorado River, said in its September 2022 snapshot estimate of its reserves, is maintaining a six-month supply.

Some scenarios of climate change and water demand, considered by the South Nevada Water Authority’s 50-year water resource plan, need to reduce these reserves in the coming decades. But not all scenarios are like that.

This huge amount of reserves is because Las Vegas is one of the most efficient areas in the world for water conservation. Since the current drought was first declared in 2002, Southern Nevada has never fully used its annual water allocation.

This is not a cumulative impression of tourists observing the fountains of Bellagio, Caesars Palace, and Wynne. Moreover, the same goes for all golf courses and aquariums, where resort designers have been pressured to build to escape the Vegas competition for decades.

According to SNWA, resort hotels in Las Vegas use only 6% of the total water used in the Colorado River area. This is because some of the water in the strip, such as the Bellagio Fountain, comes from private groundwater. And all the water used indoors in Las Vegas is recycled and treated and returned to Lake Mead.

SNWA spokesman Corey Enus told : “You can literally go to every hotel room on the strip, turn on the faucet and flush all the restrooms. Then the amount of water that’s being withdrawn from Colorado won’t run out.”

Moreover, SNWA, which supplies water to 2.2 million people in southern Nevada, and acquires and manages long-term water resources, imposed new and stricter water restrictions, and golf courses must cut water by one-third by 2024 to 86 gallons per user by 2035.

receiving and receiving
The most important step SNWA has taken to ensure a consistently wet future occurred in 2017. That’s when a new deep water intake pipe (intake no. 3) and a pumping station 860 feet above sea level was installed in Lake Meade. The first intake pipe, installed in 1971, is no longer operational because it is on a waterway. In 2000, a second water intake pipe was built just below the current surface. 슬롯사이트

By the end of July 2024, water levels in Lake Mead could drop to 992 feet above sea level, according to a two-year Federal Landfill Administration forecast, but the most recently released five-year forecast virtually gives no chance of reaching stagnant puddles (895 feet) in the next five years.

Deadpool does not release water downstream due to gravity if the reservoir is too low. If Lake Meade reaches this point, it will be terrible news for the lower reaches of the country, including Los Angeles, Phoenix, San Diego, Tucson, and Mexico. Las Vegas will benefit from the situation because upstream areas, including Denver, Salt Lake City, and Albuquerque, are no longer releasing water downstream.

This is why SNWA hydrologists predict that Las Vegas will be able to draw water from Lake Mead from a new intake in the near future.

“There are 25 million people living in Arizona, California and Mexico, which are lower than us,” Enus said. “So technically, if we reach dead puddles and can no longer discharge water downstream, we’ll still have access to the entire allocation because of a third intake and a lower lake level pumping station.”

Destroying this myth does not imply that Las Vegas can never dry up, or that California, Arizona, and Mexico’s depletion of Colorado rivers is somehow an acceptable situation.

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