Turkish authorities probe $13 Cyprus casinos for $5 bln laundry

Turkish prosecutors have launched a money laundering investigation into 13 casinos in the North Cyprus Republic, local media reported on Tuesday. According to Cypriot media, about $5 billion has been laundered through the casinos and authorities are currently investigating employees of 20 companies involved in the management and operation of the casinos.

On Tuesday, Havadis, a Northern Cyprus publication, wrote that Turkey’s Financial Crimes Investigation Commission (MASAK) ordered $100 million to be seized from suspects. In a previous survey, 13 casinos on the north side of the island were found to be involved in large-scale financial transactions made in foreign currency. These transfers have been completed through private bank accounts working for a total of 20 companies. Investigators believe casino operators are connected or running casinos. 카지노사이트먹튀

Habadis reports that along with the accounts of the employees involved in the scheme, the accounts of seven casino managers were also found to have transferred money. Police are currently tracking deals worth about $5 billion. Another newspaper, Daily Sabah, writes that these were profits from illegal gambling. Investigators said they had multiple accounts at seven Turkish banks. The suspects, who are currently under investigation, suspect that Turkish authorities are working with Turkish banks in connection with a terrorist organization.

This issue is quite controversial, at least among other Northern Cyprus and Turkish media. Local authorities told the Kyivris newspaper that no such investigation was taking place in Northern Cyprus. The Turkish police have not been contacted, and the only information on the matter is from media reports, it added.

crackdown on illegal gambling houses
Earlier this month, the Daily Sabha reported that Turkish police arrested 11 people for running illegal gambling houses and oysters. Turkey is trying to deal with the multi-billion dollar underground gambling market. Since soccer is the most popular sport in Turkiye, authorities are concerned that the scale of illegal gambling activities will increase significantly during the upcoming FIFA World Cup.

The government passed a law last year that freezes accounts for companies and individuals involved in illegal gambling, which it says is working closely with banks to detect and track accounts related to illegal gambling organizations, but it is very difficult to monitor. Underground books have a variety of ways to circumvent strict surveillance of account transfers.

The World Cup is expected to be the biggest televised sporting event of the year and will certainly be the biggest when it comes to betting. Soccer tournaments will start in Russia and games will be held at various venues across the country

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