‘2811 Country’ Seo Bong-soo 9 dan breaks the record for the largest number of professional countries

In the first round of the preliminary round of the 2023 Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance World Baduk Masters Senior Group held at the Korea Baduk Association on the 25th, Seo Bong-soo 9 dan lost to Lee Sung-jae 9 dan, but he set a new record for the largest team as the 2811th professional team.

Seo Bong-soo 9th dan and Cho Hoon-hyun 9th dan have been ranked first and second side by side since 1981. In September 1983, Seo Bong-soo’s 9th dan (689 countries) surpassed the record for the most powerful country, which Cho Hoon-hyun’s 9th dan was leading. Since then, Seo Bong-soo, a 9th grader, was the first Korean professional player to play his 1,000th professional match in the 27th highest level qualifying round held on March 18, 1987.

In July 1997, Cho Hoon-hyun 9 dan beat Seo Bong-soo 9 dan, who had the record for the most powerful country in 13 years, and on November 14, 2000, he was the first to reach his 2,000th career high with the quarterfinals of the 5th LG Cup finals.

Cho Hoon-hyun, a 9-dan player, stopped the game when he started his parliamentary activities in 2006, and Seo Bong-soo, a 9-dan player who has consistently played in various senior competitions, gradually narrowed the gap, regaining the No. 1 record in 26 years.

Seo Bong-soo, a 9-dan player who played 2811 times, has a winning rate of 62.85% with 1,765 wins, 3 draws and 1,043 losses. Seo Bong-soo, a ninth grader, will play his 2812th match in the 2023 Sopalco Sanol Legend League on the 4th of next month.


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