K-League players using the optical tracking system technology of Bpro 11, a soccer analysis company.

Since this year, all clubs have applied the same measurement method, enabling accurate comparison and analysis of activity data. The Professional Football Federation introduces “activity data” and “packaging index” this year, following “Expected Score (xG),” “Adidas Point” and “Seonbang Index,” giving K-League fans the fun of watching soccer through various additional data such as the English Premier League (EPL) and the German Bundesliga.

The July passmaster was center back Grant of the Pohang Steelers. Grant topped the packing index. Grant played full-time in five K-League 1 games in July. He attempted 328 passes, beating 497 players. The average packing per game was 1.52. Grant, who leads Pohang’s final line, boasts a wide range of activities. It ranked first in packing (364) in the midfield area. It means that he actively climbed up and supported the team.

In terms of the length of the pass, he showed strength in mid- to long-distance. Grant topped the packing list in long-distance passes (30 meters or more). He succeeded in 45 passes, beating 166 people. In the mid-range pass (15m to 30m), he ranked second in packing (205).

After Grant, Timo (Gwangju) and Osmar (Seoul) were also confirmed to have high pass efficiency. Timo beat 462 with 337 passes. Osmar made 339 passes. He beat 422 with this pass.

The July iron man was Gangwon FC midfielder Han Kook-young. Hankook Young, who ranked second in the distance category overall in June, ran 62.98 kilometers in five games in July to become the No. 1 player in this category. The Korean Young played full-time in five games and took on the team’s bad work. Jung Ho-yeon (Gwangju FC, 57.98km) and Park Soo-il (FC Seoul, 57.18km) ranked second and third, respectively, while Yoon Bit-garam (Suwon FC, 57km), who ranked first last month, ranked fourth. Like last month, Oberdan (Pohang Steelers, 55.55km) remained in fifth place steadily.토토사이트

The best speed stars in July were taken by players who were completely different from June. Jeon Jin-woo, one of the main players who led Suwon Samsung’s rebound atmosphere in July, topped the list, followed by Lee Kwang-hyuk (Suwon FC), Vaselus (Daegu), Kim Tae-hwan (Ulsan), and Lee Dong-joon (Jeonbuk). Jeon Jin-woo raced the ground at the fastest pace in July in the match against Daejeon in the 21st round, when Suwon began to rise. In the 14th minute of the second half, when Mulich’s equalizer made it 2-2, Jeon Jin-woo recorded a maximum speed of 36.73km/h as he penetrated past opposing defender Anton.

Park Soo-il of Seoul topped both sprint distance and frequency categories. Park Soo-il played full-time in five games in July, recording 137 sprints and 2,931 meters in distance. Ko Jae-hyun (Daegu FC), who consistently monopolized the lead in this sector except for June, has returned to the top. Second place Ko Jae-hyun once again proved that he is a “strong player in the sprint” with 123 times and 2,789 meters in distance in five games.

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