Choi Chae-heung was shaken from the bottom of the first inning.

He started uneasily by giving up a leadoff hitter home run to Jung Soo-bin, and immediately hit Kim Jae-ho and hit Rojas with a throw error to second base, hitting runners on first and third bases with no outs. He struck out Ahn Seok-hwan, but Kim Jae-ho came home when Kang Seung-ho grounded out to shortstop.

He passed the second and third innings without losing a point, but gave up another run in the fourth inning. He passed Kang Seung-ho and Kim Jae-hwan well with a fly ball. However, Kim Min-hyuk hit a hit and Park Yoo-yeon hit an RBI double, and Heo Kyung-min hit an RBI triple and Park Yoo-yeon, who was at second base, stepped home. Choi lowered his head.

After going through the fifth inning without losing a point, the batters tried to show their strength somehow by bringing in one run in the sixth inning and two runs in the ninth inning, but they couldn’t laugh. Samsung lost 3-5 and failed to escape from the bottom with consecutive losses.

Choi Chae-heung started immediately against the LG Twins in Jamsil on the 13th, the day after his discharge from the Armed Forces Sports Unit (Sangmu) on June 12. At that time, Choi Chae-heung pitched well in 5.1 innings with three hits, two walks, two strikeouts and no runs, meeting Samsung manager Park Jin-man’s expectations.

At the time, head coach Park Jin-man said, “I thought Choi Chae-heung would only say, ‘He throws well,’ but he showed enough pitching to take charge of one axis of the starting rotation, excluding ‘5’ from the fifth starter.” I saw it with confidence. There must have been a lot of pressure. Well done,” he said. “The command has definitely changed. He also gained confidence on the mound. Maybe because I ate well in the army for a year and a half, I gained confidence. “He showed strong pitching on the mound,” he said, showing expectations.

No one, including Yang Chang-seop and Huh Yoon-dong, took the fifth starting position of Samsung. Everyone saw that the right person for Samsung’s fifth starting position, which was empty, appeared.토토사이트

However, Choi Chae-heung has never shown anything beyond his return match. The most innings and scoreless games of the season are the comeback matches. He has a 7.56 ERA in four games in June, a 6.75 ERA in two games in July, and a 7.20 ERA in two games in August. He is hitting one home run per game, and he has never thrown six innings, showing regret over his ability to play in innings. He has a season record of eight games, three losses, and a 7.27 ERA.

Samsung is in crisis. If the season ends as it is, he will suffer the humiliation of being the first lowest in the club’s history. With Albert Suarez unable to play for four weeks due to a calf injury, Choi Chae-heung should help David Buchanan, Won Tae-in and Baek Jung-hyun with alternative starters.

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