“Difficult path”

K League 1 faced Atletico Madrid, the prestigious Spanish Primera Liga, during a two-week break. The “Team K League” players selected in the K League 1 came from behind to win 3-2 against Atletico.

A day before the match against Atletico, I was able to talk to the players selected for the team’s K League. Players have talked a lot about their determination for the K League 1, which has already entered the second half, the atmosphere of the current team, and the personal value they want to achieve this season.

The players who talked a lot had something in common. He wanted to meet Manchester City in the English Premier League (EPL). Is there a reason why K League players want to meet Manchester City. Sports Spring and Autumn listened to K League 1 players.

Joo Min-kyu, who moved to Ulsan Hyundai ahead of the 2023 season (photo = Professional Football Federation)
Manchester City achieved a “treble” by winning the EPL, FA Cup, and UEFA Champions League (UCL) in the 2022-2023 season.

The clubs that have recorded “trebles” in Europe are Scotland’s Celtic FC, Netherlands’ AFC Ajax and PSV Eindhoven, Spain’s FC Barcelona, Italy’s FC Internacionale Milan, Bayern Munich, Germany, England’s Manchester United and Manchester City. Manchester City have risen to the throne of Europe, most recently achieving a treble.

Maybe that’s why. Players who met with Sports Spring and Autumn picked Manchester City as the “team I really want to meet in the summer of 2024.”

Ulsan Hyundai’s “main gun” Joo Min-kyu, who tied for the lead with 11 goals in the K League 1 in the 2023 season, said, “I really want to meet Manchester City,” adding, “I usually watch Manchester City’s games.”

Why is Manchester City so popular among K League players. Joo Min-kyu said, “I’m playing the most ideal soccer.”

Joo Min-kyu said, “Manchester City’s attack development method is special,” adding, “The attack development work will begin with the goalkeeper.” The process of creating an attack is not simple. He explained Manchester City’s tactics, saying, “We carry out the attack meticulously and meticulously.

“I personally like ‘fine football’ like Manchester City. Ulsan’s team color is also trying to play cute soccer. Manchester City’s way of playing seemed to help Ulsan a lot. So I’m studying a lot while watching the Manchester City game.” It’s about Joo Min-kyu.

Suwon’s ‘captain’ Lee Ki-je said, “I want to experience Guardiola’s soccer as an opponent.”

Daejeon Hana Citizen goalkeeper Lee Chang-geun, like Joo Min-kyu, also picked Manchester City as the opponent he wants to meet next summer. However, Lee Chang-geun had a different reason than Joo Min-kyu.

“Etherson’s performance was noticeable,” Lee Chang-geun said, explaining why he wanted to meet Manchester City. “There are many favorite players in Manchester City, including Ederson.” “I would be honored if I could play next time,” he said.

Suwon Samsung captain Lee Ki-je is also one of the players who chose Manchester City as the team he wants to meet.토토사이트

Lee Ki-je said, “Manchester City visited Korea, but unfortunately, we couldn’t meet.” “I wanted to learn a lot while playing with Manchester City,” he said, expressing regret.

What did Lee Ki-je want to learn about Manchester City.

Lee Ki-je said, “I’m very interested in Josep Guardiola’s soccer,” adding, “I like ‘detailed soccer’ so I personally watch it a lot.”

“I don’t have a favorite player in Manchester City,” he said. “I just want to experience Guardiola’s soccer as an opponent.”

Guardiola is known for making various use of Manchester City’s side defenders. Kyle Walker, the defender of the English national soccer team, is a representative example. During his time as manager of Bayern, Philip Lam was able to play as a central midfielder from his existing full-back role. Did Lee Ki-je also want to learn this part.

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