Biden’s immigration policy temporarily suspended; court grants preliminary injunction.

The Joe Biden administration’s refugee policy, which introduced tougher measures against refugees crossing the border illegally, will remain in place for now.

The Washington Post (WP) and Reuters reported on Thursday that a federal appeals court ordered a stay of a California federal court’s ruling the day before that halted the Biden administration’s refugee policy.

The move follows the granting of a preliminary injunction requested by the Biden administration.

Earlier, a California federal court ruled in favor of the government in a lawsuit brought by human rights groups against the Biden administration’s refugee policy, which increased penalties for immigrants crossing the border illegally and required more legal immigrants to apply for entry through an app in advance.

However, it granted the government a two-week grace period to appeal.

The decision came just eight days before the ruling was set to take effect.

The policy was a follow-up to the repeal of the so-called ’42’ policy, a policy of immediate deportation of people entering the country illegally that was introduced under former President Donald Trump in the name of preventing the spread of COVID-19.

To coincide with the end of Policy 42, the Biden administration has expanded the legal pathways to asylum, while also implementing policies such as expedited deportation and a five-year ban on re-entry for anyone who enters the country illegally through the southern border without first going through these channels.

Biden, who has been criticized for being lax on the issue of illegal immigration, has come up with a more decisive policy ahead of his re-election bid, compared to former President Trump, who has offered a series of draconian prescriptions to stop illegal migrants, 먹튀검증 including building a massive wall on the border with Mexico.

Since the introduction of the “Biden Plan”, the number of illegal immigrants crossing the Mexican border has dropped by nearly half.

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