Erdogan predicts Putin’s visit to Turkiye this month.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin is likely to visit Turkiye sometime this month.

“The date of the visit has not yet been set, but both our foreign ministers and the heads of our intelligence agencies are engaged in talks,” Erdogan told reporters yesterday (April 4), according to the Sputnik-Tass news agency.

“I think the visit will take place in August,” Erdogan added.

On February 2, President Turkiye’s office announced that Putin’s visit to Turkiye had been decided after the two leaders spoke on the phone, with the Kremlin confirming shortly afterward that they had “agreed to continue contacts at various levels within the framework of preparations for the meeting between the two leaders.”

During the call, President Erdogan emphasized the importance of the Black Sea Grain Agreement as a “bridge to peace” and expressed his willingness to continue diplomatic efforts to reinstate the agreement, 카지노사이트넷 according to Turkiye.

In response, President Putin reaffirmed his position that Russia will return to the agreement as soon as the relevant aspects are fulfilled, and they also discussed ways to provide food supplies to countries in need, the Kremlin explained.

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