As a result, Lee has achieved the highest posting record in Asian fielders’ history.

He has surpassed Masataka Yoshida’s five-year contract worth 90 million dollars, Seiya Suzuki’s five-year contract worth 85 million dollars, and Kodai Senga’s five-year contract worth 75 million dollars. This contract is about three times larger than Ryu’s six-year contract worth 36 million dollars, Kim Ha-sung’s four-year guarantee worth 28 million dollars, and Kim Ha-sung’s four-plus-one-year contract worth 39 million dollars.

As he signed a large contract, the U.S. is responding to Lee Jung-hoo. Since he is not a home run hitter, various evaluations are being made, ranging from voices expressing doubts about a large contract to evaluation that San Francisco has brought a proven contactor.

This time, MLBcom, the official website of the Major League, highlighted the father-son relationship and nicknames of Lee Jong-beom and Lee Jung-hoo. Lee Jong-beom won the KBO MVP in the 1994 season with a batting average of 0.393, 196 hits, and 84 steals. Notably, he earned the nickname “Son of the Wind” by banking on his fast feet. Lee Jung-hoo, Lee’s son, was nicknamed “Son of the Wind” since his debut.토토사이트 posted pictures of Lee Jung-hoo and Lee Jong-beom on its official SNS, saying, “The first rich duo to win the KBO MVP has elite nicknames.” Both of them were wearing national team uniforms.

The photo also contained a comment from MLBcom reporter Sarah Reims. Reims said, “Talking about Lee Jung-hoo, he was nicknamed the ‘Son of the Wind’ because of his KBO legend and father, Lee Jong-beom. It was because Lee was the ‘Son of the Wind’.”

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-hoo is scheduled to undergo a medical test on Wednesday. If he passes the medical test safely, he is expected to announce an official contract with San Francisco.

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