“It’s an important public space to focus on,” Lerner said.

Over the past three years, Hilton has remodeled 1,523 of its 3,000 rooms and suites, installed Italian marble floors in the lobby, remodeled casinos and porte cocoons, added new lounges, and expanded sportsbooks. “This is probably one of the many different steps of improvement for this property,” said Rudy Prieto, general manager and chief executive officer of Ofstrip Real Estate.

“We will always consider what our options are when it comes to redevelopment.” Room upgrades include a new bed, a 37-inch plasma television, wireless internet, and ports for MP3 music players. Owned and operated separately by Colony Resorts and the Hilton hotel chain, the hotel plans to continue renovating its rooms in 2008. Bill Lerner, a game analyst at Deutsche Bank, said the remodeling has made the resort’s public spaces at the entrance brighter and more comfortable. “It’s an important public space to focus on,” Lerner said.카지노사이트먹튀

“Working at the entrance and in the hotel reception and lobby is important things to focus on. Maintaining freshness is critical, and I think they did a good job.” Renner said the hotel’s demographic on 59 acres of Paradise Road north of the Las Vegas Convention Center is midweek convention participants, and it’s worth it for customers. The hotel operated with 90 percent occupancy during the week and was slightly higher on the weekends, said spokeswoman Ira Sternberg.

Nearly 40 percent of the rooms used during the week are bought by people attending a convention in the hotel’s 200,000-square-foot conference hall. Sternberg also said the property could benefit from being located near the northern anchor of the Las Vegas Monorail, which connects Hilton to Streep on average 19,000 passengers per day. Prieto said the redevelopment project on the northern end of Streep would increase foot traffic to the property in the next few years.

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