XXXIO13 Ladies Pearl White Purchasing Customers

XEXIO, a premium golf total brand developed by Dunlop Sports Korea Co., Ltd. (CEO Hong Soon-sung), has launched a limited edition “XEXIO 13 Ladies Pearl White,” a new premium color lineup of “XEXIO 13 Ladies.”

The white edition emphasized style and premium with a new color that was not seen in the existing XEXIO. The red color of the head expressed the passion of summer, and the white and black colors expressed the confident and elegant image of the female XEXIO golfer. In particular, it features a design that unifies the shaft and grip in white to make viewers feel secure.토토사이트 꽁머니

In commemoration of the launch of the White Edition, the “XXIO Ladies CREW” program will run until September 30. This is a membership program for women who boldly express themselves as a XEXIO.

Ladies crew packages worth 200,000 won and various benefits will be provided to female customers who purchased the White Edition club. It will also give them the opportunity to act as an ambassador with nine Xexio Ladies crew members consisting of announcers and actors through a lottery.

Among the customers who purchase the full set of the white edition, 120 people will be given the opportunity to hold a Lady Screw Round event at Sungmunan CC through a lottery. After the round event, you can have a valuable experience such as dinner and fan meeting (talk and photo time) with Jo In-sung, the official ambassador.

The limited edition of the “Zexio 13 Ladies Pearl White” can be found at Zexio special stores nationwide, and more details can also be found on the Zexio website.

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