Busan KCC will be quiet if Choi Joon-yong doesn’t get in trouble.

This was the general view of most fans looking at KCC’s off-season. He will do the same because most core players, including franchise star Song Kyo-chang, Lee Seung-hyun and Heo Woong, had a strong image of model students. We don’t know whether they are good students or not, but what they have shown so far is close to that.

Despite his overwhelming popularity, Heo Woong also had a good image because of his low-profile words and actions. At least until recently…. On the other hand, Choi Jun-yong (30, 200.2 cm tall) was different. He is good at basketball, but he always had a time bomb-like image that created big and small issues. It is not for no reason that he said, “If Choi had the mindset of Yang Dong-geun and Kim Sun-hyung, the NBA would have been possible.”

Choi Jun-yong’s bad behavior has continued. There are countless cases including the provocation of Kang Byung-hyun, a nine-year-old senior, a war of nerves and arguments with a Gyeonggi supervisor who is like an uncle during rehabilitation, naked body exposure of a fellow player during an Instagram live broadcast, suspicions of cheating and transfer to FA, mocking the national team coach, sniping his former team’s fans, and involvement in a controversy over visiting a club and abusing his power during rehabilitation. While he was sensitive to provocations and unwritten rules, he often violated them, which led to many people saying that he was the only one who spoke of “inner side by side.”

At a recent FIBA Champions League game, he laughed at his teammate who showed poor performance as if he were pathetic. He was a senior in the team. He posts meaningful messages or music on his SNS, which can cause viewers to interpret him in various ways.

Since he committed so many bad acts, now his fans seem to understand why he is doing so many things. Regardless of his likes and dislikes, many people admit his character. Surprisingly, Choi has been spending the off-season quietly since the championship game. Many people are disappointed at how he shouts for an overseas expansion in the course of his move to KCC, but this is a very good performance compared to what he has done so far.

The incident happened in the wrong place. Heo Woong (31), who was considered one of the best players in self-management, had a big accident. Even after moving from Wonju DB to KCC, Heo Woong’s image remained good. He improved skills through constant efforts, and as evidenced by this, he won the MVP award in this season’s championship game.

It was Heo Woong who changed the flow by leading the meeting when trouble broke out between coach Jeon Chang-jin and foreign players or when the team was in a bad mood. In addition to the round-looking personality that everyone gets along well with the leadership he showed when the team was in crisis, there were even compliments that he would become a good leader after retirement because he also took steady performance.

However, it will not be easy now. It is because the good image he has accumulated while being entangled in a scandalous case has been properly destroyed. The case, which began when Heo Woong sued his ex-girlfriend for attempted blackmail, threatening and violating the law on stalking, has grown significantly since the two pregnancies, abortions, drugs, assault and truth battle.

The case is drawing national attention beyond basketball fans, and it has been covered in various media as well as YouTube users. Programs dealing with various crimes such as JTBC’s “Case Team Leader” are even analyzing the Heo Woong case in depth. It has long been a hot potato even among ordinary fans who did not know Heo Woong well. Fragments are splattered here and there, making it difficult to fix them because they were broken in the wrong place. 토토사이트 꽁머니

Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet. As Huh Woong and his wife are showing wide differences in their opinions on other major issues except pregnancy and abortion, it would be dangerous to prematurely believe only one side. However, while it takes some time for the accurate results to be released, mud-slinging campaigns in which the two sides constantly attack each other have raised eyebrows among viewers.

This is why people say, “It is a battle without winners or losers regardless of the results.” The impact of the Heo Woong incident is too strong. Even if Choi Jun-yong’s bad behavior is combined, it is incomparable. It is a frustrating situation for fans who wanted to increase their basketball popularity through good issues.

First of all, his team, Busan KCC, is taking a stance to defend his players while quietly watching the situation. In an interview with the Sunday Newspaper released on the 8th, “There are speculative articles about Heo Woong, but it is difficult to elaborate because the investigation is underway. However, based on the evidence identified, I think Heo Woong is a victim. We have not discussed any disciplinary procedures.”

Fans are divided over the issue. “Not everything is clear yet, but are the two pregnancies and abortions not true? The fact that the KBL player is under fire across the nation for an unsavory incident is seen as a serious blow to his dignity as a KBL player. The team seems to think like that, starting with the criticism that the club and the association need to move on this matter. He seems to be the biggest star in the team.”

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