Woo Bit-na of Seoul City Hall was selected as MVP of the second round of the handball H-League women’s division.

Seoul City Hall Woo Bit-na (second from the right), who was selected as the 2nd round MVP

Woo Bit-na (Seoul City Hall) was selected as the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of the Shinhan SOL Pay 2023-2024 Handball H League Women’s Division.

The Korea Handball Federation announced on the 9th, “Woo Bit-na, who scored 68 goals and 36 assists in the second round, was selected as the Shinhan Card 2nd round MVP.” 파워볼사이트

The Shinhan Card Round MVP is selected by applying a scoring system developed by the Korea Handball Federation for items such as points and assists, blocks and steals, and goalkeeper saves by position, distance, and situation in each round.

Woo Bit-na won MVP honors in the first and second rounds this season.

Additionally, the Cannon Shooter Award, given to the player who shot the fastest in the second round, also went to Woo Bit-na.

Woo Bit-na threw a shot at 90 km per hour in a game against Gyeongnam Development Corporation on February 17th.Following Woo Bitna, foreign athlete Joana (Busan Facilities Corporation) recorded 87km.

Busan Facilities Corporation was honored as the best team in the second round.

The prize money is 1 million won each for the MVP and best team, and 500,000 won for the cannon shooter. 온라인 슬롯

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