Will go to meet Korean soccer players who are active overseas with his best friend Patrice Evra, who was with his former team Manchester United.”

“Man in Europe,” which is scheduled to be unveiled for the first time on U+Mobile TV in January 2024, is a football road variety that depicts the journey of Park Ji-sung and Evra, who were legends of the Premier League Manchester United, to meet and empower Korean leaguers in Europe after 10 years. As they are long-time best friends, Park Ji-sung and Evra are expected to show off their perfect chemistry with their deep-rooted tiki-taka. In particular, sports stars, which were not easily seen in entertainment shows, will appear, reveal their human aspects such as difficulties in overseas life and worries as soccer players, and provide fresh fun. 먹튀검증

Park Ji-sung, a Korean soccer legend and former Manchester United player who was loved all over the world, knows better than anyone about the difficulties his juniors will face overseas, so he stepped out for his hard-working juniors. Park Ji-sung was known for his quiet personality when he was a player, but when he was with his best friend Evra, he showed his playfulness and warmth for his juniors, giving him a twist of charm. On top of that, Evra, a former French national team member and best friend of Park Ji-sung, who loves Korea as a “jin,” will join him to reveal the hidden charms of Korean players with his cheerful and honest personality.

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