Why did he say he wasn’t good?

KIA Tigers’ 168-win pitcher Yang Hyun-jong pitched well in a practice game against Lotte Giants at Kushikawa Stadium in Okinawa on the 3rd. He pitched perfectly with two strikeouts against six batters in two innings. In his first real game at camp, he pitched a stronger ball than any other year, signaling the ace’s strength. 안전놀이터

He focused on checking breaking balls, including curves and sliders, and threw 16 pitches. His maximum fastball speed reached 143 kilometers. He is expected to throw more than 145 kilometers by the time of the opening day. He made the check in consideration of the importance of curves increasing due to the introduction of the robot referee system. He pitched too few innings, and pitched additional pitches again in the bullpen.

After the game, he said, “I am going smoothly. I made efforts to adapt to the situation after a long time on the mound. As there was a change this year, I thought carefully about the curveball. I made a successful selection. I had to increase my curveball ratio, so I threw a lot of balls at exhibition games. Unlike last year, I have built my body well without any pain, and I am positive.”

Regarding the possibility of being mentioned as a candidate for the championship, he said, “I heard that the members always like me during the camp. If you ask me anything about all the 10 teams, I’m sure they all like me.” Young pitchers are also good at this time of year. Question marks are still pending. Foreign pitchers have not released their verification results yet. Even if the bat is good, there are many variables,” he maintained his prudence.

He also joked that he was too comfortable with the new coach Lee Bum-ho. He could say he is older than the coach because he still has a strong feeling of being older than him. “I am a little worried because I am too comfortable. I have not made any mistakes yet. I think I will do it someday, so I think twice before I speak. He is very comfortable with me. I still have a strong feeling about him,” he said with a smile.

Ryu Hyun-jin, a 78-win pitcher of the Major League, also welcomed his return. “It is great news to see that Hyun Jin-hyeong is here, and if experienced players perform well, the baseball boom will rekindle. Personally, I feel pressured (to release) results. They could face off each other in terms of rotation. I think I will learn a lot from them. This is why I can learn from watching the game as a player named Ryu Hyun-jin.”

With Ryu returning, Yang is expected to be a representation of the Big Trio along with SSG Landers’ Kim Kwang-hyun. He seemed to be a big player who led the mound in the Korean baseball league, and now he is a veteran, and he will revitalize the success of the KBO league once again. However, Yang did not show enough performance in international competitions compared to the two players.

“I’m thankful and thankful to be in the media like that. Kwang-hyun and Hyun-jin are on similar levels. They achieved good results in the U.S. and captured many important matches in international competitions. My international performance is not at that level. I just consistently displayed good performances in the KBO league. My skills are much lower than those of the two players. So I’m glad to be mentioned together.”

Lastly, he displayed strong commitment to 170 innings for the 10th consecutive year. “It’s my homework, my mission, and my job. I have to endure it for young Lee Eui-ri or Yoon Young-cheol to have a good experience. That way, I can have time to rest and adjust. If I fail, it will not only affect the starting lineup but also the team. I want to play 170 innings for the 10th consecutive year.”

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