Palms Launched Dust to Gold Campaign

The Palms Casino Resort is launching From Dust to Gold, an original marketing campaign designed to celebrate the opening of a new location and accommodate past demolitions with a story to raise expectations for daily progress. This multi-faceted campaign presents Palms’ vision to open a new era in Las Vegas by destroying the old.

With a collection of new restaurants and entertainment venues, a fully renovated casino floor and a real estate-wide contemporary art program kicking off today, the campaign is the first official real estate invitation for travelers and locals alike to finally be Las Vegas’ highest.

Over the next 12 months, The Farms will also unveil new restaurants by award-winning celebrity chefs Bobby Play, Michael Simon, and Mark Betrie, as well as the highly acclaimed “Vandal” restaurant brought by TAO Group in New York City. This exciting new location will be combined with a flamboyant new nightlife and daylife concept in partnership with TAO Group, as well as retail partnerships.

The $620 million multi-level reimagining of real estate shows the duality of destruction and progress and is creatively celebrated. Destruction is progress. From dust to gold, it captures Farms’ contribution to Las Vegas as a leader in pop culture, food, and entertainment, but highlights evolution by making arguments in new areas such as art and design.

Farms executives and AKQA, the Farms innovation and experience design agency, have tapped director Paul Hunter to bring that vision to life. The Hollywood director has made a dynamic film ranging from Notorious B.I.G.’s “Hypnotize” to videos by Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Madonna, U2, and Justin Timberlake, most recently Farrell’s “Freedom” video.

“At the start of the ‘Dust to Gold’ campaign, we give a nod to our heritage, everything shines and shows something new, and a preview of many amazing things to come to Farms,” said John Gray, general manager of Farms. “With the vision we’ve provided for real estate, AKQA Portland and New York have collaborated with Prettybird and Paul Hunter to create visual masterpieces that truly capture the evolution of our brand and inspire guests to come and experience a fully reimagined property.”

Conceptualized and created by AKQA Portland and New York, the “Dust to Gold” campaign was further animated by Academy Award-winning Swedish cinematographer Linus Sandgreen and renowned street artist Levock. “Dust to Gold” is a truly unified campaign, featuring five online branded film series, over a dozen social teasers, and an immersive campaign microsite that highlights all the new features and venues that are part of the renovation. In addition, the [:30] spot runs on Las Vegas-area television and offers views of more than 90 different out-of-home locations in Las Vegas and Los Angeles corridors. 카지노사이트

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