What the hell happened to NBA trade deadlines?

All of the NBA’s trade markets have closed. All of the trade markets have closed since Feb. 9, 2024 (Korea Standard Time). The trade deadline is when the most trades occur. Again, 15 trades occurred on the deadline day. However, there have been no major changes that could shake the league’s game. What trades did the NBA trade day in 2024 have? (All records are as of Feb. 22)

League’s Top Shooter Lands Softly in Philadelphia

On the day of the trade deadline, Philadelphia and Indiana sent flares. Instead of acquiring Buddy Hield, Philadelphia sent Marcus Morris and Perkan Kokmatsu, three second-round picks to Indiana.

Philadelphia was in a state of emergency due to Joel Embiid’s injury. He played too hard while holding a knee injury, but was injured in the meniscus of his left knee and put on an operating table. Embiid’s departure, which had an average of 35.3 points, 11.3 rebounds, and 5.7 assists before the injury, was a fatal blow to Philadelphia.

In response, the Philadelphia Phillies added more offensive resources to its roster by acquiring Hield. Hield played in 52 games for Indiana this season, posting an average of 12.0 points, 3.2 rebounds, and 2.7 assists. Long-term 3-pointers remained robust, with 2.6 hits per game with a 38.4 percent chance, but the team had a disappointing season as it did not get many chances amid Indiana’s deep defense.

After moving to the Philadelphia Phillies, Hield has been showing great performance day after day. Starting in all four games, Hield played 39.0 minutes per game, establishing himself as the mainstay of his team. Hield played only 25.7 minutes per game at Indiana.

Naturally, his record increased as he played more games. Heald scored 22.3 points in the most important points. Compared to the time when he was in Indiana, he has increased by more than 10 points. What is encouraging is that despite the fact that the number of field goal attempts per game increased from 9.9 to 16.3, the field goal rate increased from 44.3 percent to 52.3 percent. Heald is also showing a terrifying sense of success rate of 45.0 percent, as he attempted 10.0 3-pointers per game and 4.5 hits in a Philadelphia uniform.

What’s surprising is the number of assists. Hield has given 7.5 assists per game since moving to the Philadelphia Phillies. In the game against Miami on Saturday, he gave as many as 10 assists and recorded a double-double. Since Hield only had 2.6 assists in total, the current assist figures are quite unfamiliar.

Indiana has definitely reorganized its team around two one-two punches, Tyreece Halliburton and Pascal Siakam. Indiana also took steps to acquire Duck McDermatt by sending Marcus Morris, acquired in a trade with Philadelphia, and a second-round pick back to San Antonio in 2029.

New York is considered one of the most successful teams in the trade market. New York strengthened its roster by moving once again at the trade deadline.

New York has strengthened its power by acquiring O.G. Anunovi through a trade with Toronto at the end of December. New York, which had enjoyed the effect of recruiting Anunovi by posting five consecutive wins and nine consecutive wins in January, has also been busy in the trade closing market.

The club that New York traded was Detroit. Through this trade, New York succeeded in reinforcing Bojan Bogdanovic and Alec Bucks.

Bogdanovich has displayed solid offensive capability by scoring an average of 20 or more points for the Detroit Tigers for the second consecutive year. The Bucks are also players who can score from the bench. With the recruitment, New York has strengthened its resources to strengthen its offense on the court.

The Detroit players were Evan Ponier, Malaccai Flynn, Ryan Archdiacono, and Quinton Grimes. Two second-round picks went to Detroit together. All of the players who played were not very well utilized in New York. Ponier, one of the most prestigious players, has already been excluded from the team’s rotation for a long time. New York had a successful business by recruiting two resources to support the offensive court without much bleeding.

At the end of the first half, New York slowed down a bit as it recorded four consecutive losses. However, the injury departure of Julius Randall and O.G. Anunovi played a major role in this. In the second half of the year, when they return and synergy with new faces is expected to begin in earnest, New York’s rebound is likely.

Unlike ever before, this trade market was dominated by somewhat minor trades. However, there were certain teams that did their best in it.

A good example is Dallas, which has strengthened its weaknesses. Dallas traded a total of two deals with Charlotte and Washington during the trade deadline. First of all, Grant Williams and Seth Curry, and one first-round pick were invested in the trade with Charlotte to receive PJ Washington and two second-round picks.

A more successful reinforcement was a trade with Washington. Instead of adding Daniel Gafford to the roster, Dallas consumed a first-round pick with Leithion Holmes.

Dallas is a strong team with strong guards leading to Luka Doncic and Kyrie Irving. However, the team has suffered from famine in center in recent seasons. Derek Lively certainly showed promise this season, but he has been injured in the first half of the season and is still just a rookie.

Dallas, at the same time, lacked the resources to distribute the relative intensive checks focused on Doncic. Doncic’s skills were so outstanding that he produced more than a certain level of performance, but he was not able to look beyond that.

In this regard, the recruitment of Gafford and Washington D.C. can be seen as a recruitment that could scratch Dallas’ itch. Dallas’ roster became more solid as the team strengthened under the basket. Of course, there was a lot of bleeding. Two first-round picks were used up in the trade process. However, Dallas was able to recruit him, which will greatly help his immediate performance.

Prior to moving to Dallas, Washington averaged 13.6 points. Although he has been slow this season, there have been many players who overlap in the same position, so he can expect a better role in Dallas. Doncic also welcomed Washington’s offer.

ESPN quoted Luka Doncic as saying that he was very excited about the idea of signing PJ Washington. “I was excited about the possibility of bringing Washington to the team at the trade deadline and got motivated to run.”

He also successfully recruited Gafford. Having recorded 10.9 points and 8.0 rebounds for the Washington D.C., Gafford has been solidly guarding the goal post by recording 15.0 points and 12.0 rebounds in three games since moving to Dallas. Notably, he has 4.3 offensive rebounds, which is helping to solve Dallas’ problems at once. 토토사이트 순위

Dallas, which declared a “win-now” in the trade market, ended the first half with six consecutive wins. Dallas is expected to create a sensation in the second half of the year, where synergy between existing players and newly joined players is likely to emerge.

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