In 2023, the royal war to determine the real throne of the rookie boat has started.

On the 25th, the 2023 Rookie of the Year Basketball Tournament with Tuentibucks was held at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium.

Rookie Bae, which first opened in February last year, played five tournaments during 2023.

This year’s championship is a competition where teams that won and finished second in five Rookie Cup basketball competitions will gather to compete for their own victory. The competition was divided into elementary and secondary schools.

A total of 12 teams, including Gimpo KBC, KOREA, Summit, Team Sirius, Lineup, Geomdan Samsung, and Bucheon Samsung, Incheon Samsung, Namyangju Samsung, KOREA, Lineup and Gangseo Thunder, will compete for the throne in the elementary school.

In the competition, six teams will be divided into two groups to qualify for the group stage, and the final winners will be determined through the semifinals and finals. Elementary school games will be held in the morning and secondary school games will be held in the afternoon.

The competition started at 9 a.m. with a match between Korea and Gimpo KBC. Players who challenged for the King of Kings poured their tenacity for the ball and passion for victory on the court, and parents encouraged them with unique cheering tools and plan cards.

As he is the king of kings held once a year, he has served as a sponsor in various places, including Rookie Shop, Stuff, AGS, Shinhan Bank Sbird, KB Stars, SK Knights, Hyundai Mobis Phivers, Molten, and Smashing Sports, as well as Tuenti Bucks as title sponsors.

The title sponsor Tuentibucks offered prizes for events as well as injuries to the winning team, and the rookie shop also provided functional T-shirts for basketball socks and stubs produced this year.

Shinhan Bank Sbird provided Dowon Gymnasium, the venue for the competition, KB Stars provided T-shirts and mugs nicknamed by major players such as Park Ji-soo, Heo Ye-eun, and Kang Yi-seul, SK Knights provided club tumblers for injuries and events for the runner-up team, and Hyundai Mobis Pivers provided club sign balls.

Winners of each division will receive a trophy and a certificate, and a functional T-shirt for each player. The runner-up team will receive a trophy and a certificate, and 12 tumblers for the SK Knights team.

The MVP of the tournament will be given various injuries such as trophies and awards, AGS backpack and functional T-shirts, and one of the players from the team who lost the preliminary match will be selected as a MIP and presented with basketball socks produced by Rookie Shop.

In addition, parents who visit the stadium will be given plenty of prizes. During the game schedule, events will be held for parents, and various prizes such as rookie socks, KB Stars’ squad nickname T-shirts and mugs, Hyundai Mobis’ sign ball, SK Knights’ tumblers, and mask packs will be presented through the game.

Special guests will also visit the stadium. Cho Seong-min, coach of Jeonggwanjang who was nicknamed “Joseon’s shooter” when he was active, will visit Dowon Gymnasium to encourage young athletes.

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