What do you mean the Rising Sun Flag

The first round of the 47th Korea-Japan University Selection Basketball Competition (Lee Sang-baek-bae) was held at the 2nd Gymnasium of the Yoyogi National Stadium in Tokyo, Japan on the 17th.

Lee Sang-baekbae is a traditional Korea-Japan university basketball exchange match that has been held since 1978 in honor of the achievements of Dr. Lee Sang-baek who contributed to the development of Korea-Japan basketball. Last year, it was held at Yonsei University’s Sinchon Campus Gymnasium, and this year’s competition will be held in Tokyo for three days each by male and female university representatives.

A large flag reminiscent of the Rising Sun Flag hung on the back of the Japanese bench in a meaningful exchange match, which raised eyebrows among Korean basketball fans. The flag was the flag of Asahi among Japan’s representative media. Asahi is believed to be one of the companies that sponsor Lee Sang-baek.

The Rising Sun Flag is a military flag that symbolizes Japanese militarism and imperialism, and is classified as a war criminal flag. Korea is a country that suffered a great deal of damage from Japanese militarism. Despite being a sponsor, the emergence of the Rising Sun Flag in an exchange war with Korea is a way to destroy the enemy.

The use of the Rising Sun Flag is also banned in international sports events. At the 2022 Qatar World Cup, Japanese cheering squads also cheered for the Rising Sun Flag, which was immediately restrained by FIFA.토토사이트

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