“I have a lot of expectations. I have to accept it”

ESPN and other local media reported on the 12th (Korea Standard Time) that “The Phoenix Sons have appointed Mike Budenholzer as their 22nd coach. They have agreed to a five-year contract period and are discussing the formation of a coaching staff.”

Phoenix had high expectations by building a strong BIG3 with Devin Booker and Kevin Durant while housing Bradley Beal at the Washington Wizards this season. However, when he opened the lid, he was full of disappointment. Notably, Beal had suffered minor injuries throughout the season and only played in 53 games.

As a result, Phoenix ranked sixth in the Western Conference (49-33) and lost the series against the Minnesota Timberwolves that they met in the first round of the playoffs without even making a single resistance. Phoenix let go of Coach Frank Vogel after one season, citing his poor performance.
Since then, Budenholzer has been named coach of the Phoenix. Budenholzer is a mastermind who has won 484 games (317 losses) over 10 seasons with the Atlanta Hawks and the Milwaukee Bucks. He has also been recognized for his leadership in major leagues by posting 56 wins and 48 losses overall in the playoffs.

At the club’s official press conference on Wednesday, Budenholzer said, “I never thought I would become Phoenix coach. It’s such an amazing thing. I’m so happy to work with great players. I know the expectations are that much. We have to accept it.”

Budenholzer, who led Milwaukee until 2023, had a brief respite. This was a time of recharging.토토사이트

Budenholzer said, “I have a priority. My children and my family. I had a lot of time during the break. The time with them was meaningful to me. I think it’s time to go back to the court. I want to continue my career as a coach for as long as possible.”

Phoenix has been troubled a lot since last season because it does not have a clear point guard. One of Budenholzer’s offseason goals was this point.

Budenholzer said, “Everyone seems to know that we are agonizing over point guards. I think we need to think more. Of course, we need to be able to play without them. We also need to know how to play the game in various ways.”

Phoenix is expected to maintain its current power. It is not easy to move as Bill, Durant, and Booker have big contracts, and Grace Allen and Yusuf Knuckic, who helped them, are due next season. Will Phoenix be able to make a comeback.

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