What advice would Park Sungjae give to his peer, Cho Mingeun?

“He said, ‘If I’m more confident in your offense, your offense will be better and your teammates will have better opportunities.

Hanyang University was without a senior last year. Its top three players were juniors, one of whom, Pyo Seung-bin (Jung Kwan-jang), went pro a year early.

The two players entering their senior year are Park Sung-jae (183 cm, G) and Cho Min-geun (180 cm, G).

Park Sung-jae was rumored to enter the draft a year early last year along with Pyo Seung-bin. If he did, he could have been selected in the late first round to early second round.

In an interview in September last year, Park Sung-jae said, “There was no talk, but when I heard the rumors (that I was going early), I thought about it a few times over time. After the competition, I thought about it deeply,” he said, adding, “I wanted to go out at the beginning, but it was only my heart. I chose not to go out early,” he said.

Park Sung-jae has been recognized for his consistent performance at Hanyang University.

Cho Min-geun has been a standout player since middle school. However, after struggling with injuries in his first year of college, he hasn’t performed as well as expected.

He has one year left before he can turn pro. During this time, he needs to significantly increase his value.

Hanyang University can only achieve a better fourth-place finish than last year if Cho Min-geun is sealed and is the center of the team alongside Park Sung-jae.

“We’ve been together for four years, we’ve done a lot of things together, we’ve suffered a lot, and I want to tell him that I hope we can prepare hard for the rest of the year and have a good result,” Park Sung-jae said.

What can Min-geun Cho do to play better?

Park Sung-jae said, “I always talk about this a lot. He’s an offensive-minded guard. When he came to college, he was injured and didn’t play much, so he was shy. “I tell him, ‘If you are more confident in your offense, your offense will be better and your teammates will have better opportunities. Cho Min-geun is also increasingly looking at his own offense and making plays to help his teammates. In practice, his three-point shooting percentage has improved, and his two-on-two play is organized. He reads well, goes out on the fast break, calls patterns in set offense, and kills the flow. Because he watches his own offense, his teammates take advantage of it,” said Cho, who is looking forward to the change in his play.

“I’ve had some tough times since my freshman year. Last year, Pyo Seung-bin went (to the pros), so we’re the two in our grade,” he said, adding, “I’m in my fourth year, and it’s the most important time, so I hope I can prepare hard and go to the pros in a good order for me personally.”

It will be interesting to see if Park Sung-jae and Cho Min-geun will be able to lead the team as the eldest brothers of Hanyang University.


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