The Corian Monster is gone, and ‘no-hitters’ Trout and Akunya laugh

The decision to return to his hometown team, Hanwha, where he made his professional debut, marked the end of Ryu’s major league career. During his career, Ryu faced many ups and downs, but he overcame them all and eventually earned the recognition and money he deserved.

During his time in the major leagues, Korean baseball fans were thrilled to watch him battle with some of the best hitters in the game. They felt sorry for him when he got a hit or a home run, but they also felt an indescribable thrill when he struck out or grounded out.

So, in his major league career, who were the hitters he dominated the most, and who were the top hitters who tormented him the most?

Mike Trout (Los Angeles Angels), a three-time American League Most Valuable Player (MVP) and one of the best hitters of his generation, has strangely struggled against Ryu Hyun-jin. In 13 career at-bats against Ryu, he hasn’t gotten a hit. For a guy who is known for his power, Ryu didn’t even allow a walk. In their first meeting on May 27, 2013, Ryu fanned Trout four times and didn’t walk a batter. In the seventh inning, in the third at-bat, a 93-mph fastball on the outside that was so full that Trout couldn’t even get his bat on it and retired him on a groundout. In that game, Ryu dominated not only Trout, but the entire Angels lineup, tossing his first major league complete game shutout.

Even Ronald Acuña Jr. (Atlanta), the phenom who won the National League MVP last year by becoming the first player in history to join the 40-homer, 70-steal club, was no match for Ryu. In his 11 career at-bats against Ryu, Aquino only drew four walks and didn’t get a hit. The battle between Aquino and Ryu spanned three years, from 2019 to 2021, during which time Ryu’s fastball was among the best in the majors. It’s no wonder he was able to get four strikeouts against him. Albert Pujols (1-for-12) and Matt Carpenter (2-for-12) were other batters who struggled against him.

On the flip side, there are plenty of hitters who have had their fair share of trouble with Ryu. One such player is Nolan Arenado (St. Louis Cardinals), one of the best third basemen 토토 in the game. Arenado, who made his major league debut in 2013, the same year as Ryu, has gone 31-for-16 with three doubles in 34 career at-bats against Ryu. His batting average is a whopping .516, with eight of those 16 hits going for extra bases (four home runs and four doubles), giving him a 1.032 OPS against Ryu. Even in 2019, when Ryu led the league in ERA, he went 12-for-5 against him.

Paul Goldschmidt (St. Louis) was also one of Ryu’s main nemeses. He’s not quite as good as Arenado, but he’s batting .423 (11-for-26) with a .885 OPS against him. He faced Ryu the most in 2013, his rookie season with Arizona, where he also hit .500 (14-for-7). Hunter Pence has also been strong against Ryu. He was batting .382 (13-for-34) against Ryu, but he was relentless in the clutch, hitting .636 (7-for-4) with runners in scoring position. Pence, a rumored bad-ball heater, frequently threw pitches to induce swing-and-misses, leaving Ryu floundering.


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