United by one passion… The women’s baseball team’s salty challenge

Soon, he strikes out on a swing and catches the batter and runner with a perfect throw.

[Jeong Geun-woo/Women’s baseball team coach: Good catch! Nice shoulder!]

I am the national women’s baseball team of Korea.

Domestic women’s baseball operated as a club without unemployment or school teams.

[Park Min-seong/Women’s Baseball Team Pitcher: While playing ball with my brother, I came across kids playing baseball in the neighborhood… ]

[Shin Nuri/women’s baseball team outfielder: I was a Lotte Giants fan, but I think I can do better than that team… ]

Among them, 20 national representatives were selected through a test, and there are various occupations such as housewives, teachers, and office workers.

[Choi Min-hee/Catcher of the women’s baseball team: My mother-in-law takes care of my baby completely. I woke up this morning too and said, ‘Eat and go, the baby is crying, so just go, I’ll take care of it.’ Be proud too. My daughter-in-law plays baseball, works, and does everything.]

Since we have a job, the only time we train together is on weekends.

[Yang Sang-moon/Women’s Baseball Team Coach: I wouldn’t be ashamed to leave one passion anywhere in the world… Even if I talk about one thing, I like the desire to ask questions and learn more.]

Under the guidance of coaching staff such as Yang Sang-moon and Jeong Geun-woo, the national team improved further and climbed to third place in the Asian Cup, winning a ticket to the group stage of the Women’s Baseball World Cup to be held in Canada next week.

[Choi Song-hee/Women’s baseball team pitcher: I went to Changwon on vacation. {Vacation is training?} I didn’t even have a few annual leaves, but I used them all. {To make it public at the company?} I have a conscience too.]

The ‘strongest women’s baseball’ united with passion starts now.


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