‘Season 7 wins’ Ahn Se-young, “There is no opponent!” 1st place in the world

“Ahn Se-young wrote a new history. Last year’s runner-up became the champion this year.”

https://displayad.zum.com/NetInsight/html/zum/news/newspage@newszum_pc_250Following last week’s Korea Open, he won the top international competition for two weeks in a row, and that is his 7th gold medal this year.

This year, he advanced to the finals 11 times in all 12 competitions and won 7 wins this season!

It overtook the current No. 1 Yamaguchi and became the world No. 1 in 27 years as a Korean player since Soo-Hyun Bang.

What is encouraging is that it was achieved by defeating the so-called ‘Big 4’, women’s badminton players with different styles, one after another.

This is because Yamaguchi, who was always struggling, as well as 3rd place natural enemy Chen Yufei and 4th place Tai Ziying, each player overcame it in turn with their eight-color strategy.

[Ahn Se-young / National badminton representative: The balls are within my range, so my attacks are diverse and easy. I feel proud every time I hit an attack point.]

Naturally, my eyes are focused on the World Championships in Denmark in August and the Asian Games this fall.

Ahn Se-young chose her return home instead of her Australian Open and plans to focus on her conditioning and strengthening training.

Ahn Se-young has been reborn as a flawless player by adding attack power that never misses a chance to his unique choking defense!

The sharp smash is aiming for the highest spot on the podium at the World Championships and Asian Games.


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