This date marks the one-year anniversary of the federal government’s decriminalization of single event bets for sporting events other than horse racing.

By default, each province allows the product to be delivered and run separately on the player base.

Single-track betting has been legalized through laws also known as the Bill C-218 or the Safe and Regulated Sports Betting Act. The bill was introduced by Conservative MP Kevin Waugh and received much support from lawmakers, professional leagues and industry stakeholders who have long lobbied for change.

The Ontario Lottery and gaming company added it to the PROLINE brand. OLG reported over $1 million in single-game bets in the first five days of legalization. During that time, nearly 75% of total bets were under the new vertical.

The British Columbia Lottery Company said local betting companies invested more than $25 million in single-game betting through the PlayNow digital platform in the first two months of operation. In addition, the Ontario Alcohol and Game Commission has launched a private market registration process for online sports betting.

The Saskatchewan Indian Games Authority has announced it has been tasked with opening a local regulatory gaming site that will focus on sports gambling. It was recently announced that BCLC will develop a new online portal for the Grey Cup.

Alberta also expects to develop its sports betting sector, announcing it will accept offers for two private sports betting operators in December 2021. The province is not a fan of Ontario’s Open Eye Gaming model, and hopes to have its limited model. However, it means that the launch may be delayed because the operator has not been confirmed so far.

Nova Scotia has also launched a single event sports betting product for many athletes. The state succeeded in introducing vertical lines in cooperation with the Atlantic Lottery Company. Despite the postponement, the new product was introduced in time for the Super Bowl, one of the world’s biggest sporting events.

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But the pinnacle of new sports betting products should be certified in Ontario, which launched a private market for gambling brands. Among the already approved sports betting and iGaming operators are PointBet, ScoreBet, FanDual, Bet MGM, Rushstreet Interactive, Unibet, CoolBet, Bet365 and Caesars Entertainment.


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