“Korean, who values manners, will fit well with me.”

Luiz Elian Estrada (24, 201 cm), from Cuba, is the most hot-profile player in the 2024 KOVO (Korea Volleyball Federation) men’s foreign player tryout held at the NAS Sports Complex in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Before the lid was opened, attention was ordinary. Christian Walzak of Poland, who had superior physicality of 2 meters and 9 centimeters, was selected as the top contender by two clubs in a preference survey, and was selected as the runner-up by one club. Lewis was only selected as the top contender by one club.
He displayed his potential in the main test. His resilient jumps and powerful swings were impressive. He had surgery on his right knee in 2019, but he was diagnosed with no problem in playing immediately in the pre-medical test. Many club officials even gave him a thumbs-up, saying he stood out.

“I’m in really good shape. I don’t have that many opportunities to show myself, and I’m proud of myself to take this special opportunity to be here,” Lewis said with a bright smile.

His outstanding offense, which he recognizes, is his best strength. He boasts a remarkably high RBI with his athletic ability with a 75-centimeter Sargent jump at the forefront. “Attack is my skill. There will be a lot to show in the V-League when it comes to scoring. I think it’s a league that suits my style,” he said. “It’s true that I need to develop in receiving, but I’m like an open bag. I’m in a position to learn everything from now on,” he said. He also didn’t forget to appeal to the young age of those born in 2000.토토사이트

Expectations are also high for the Korean national team. “I talked a lot with Yosvani and Leo who are from Cuba and in the same agency. They explained a lot about the system of the V-League. Especially, I heard that Korea values manners and order,” he said. “I also highly value those values. To become a good player, one must have good manners and respect the opponent. In that regard, I felt that the Korean national team would fit me well.”

He is also confident in adapting himself to the sport. “I have played in Brazil since I was about 17 years old, and I have played in the Czech Republic as well. I have always adapted to different cultures. If I can play in Korea, those experiences will be helpful,” he said. “Personally, I like to meditate. When I go to Korea, I want to go to places such as temples and palaces.”

“I’m playing volleyball, which I love, and I’m so happy to make a name for myself in this space,” he said. “I’m feeling the heat (for myself), and it’s a really happy thing in itself. But nothing has been decided yet. I just want to use that feeling of happiness as my motivation.”

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