Onyang Girls’ Middle School also rose to the top once amid the strength of Sufi Girls’ Middle School.

The 2024 secondhand basketball ended its first half schedule with the Spring Federation match in Haenam, Jeollanam-do, in March, and the recent federation presidential competition in Gimcheon, Gyeongsangbuk-do.

While the schedule for the second half of the year will resume due to the weekend league by region in the middle of next month, this paper has prepared time to look back on the first half of each type of tournament.
The first order is the middle school.

The women’s middle school continued to remain strong. With Kim Dam-hee (175 centimeters, G, F) and Lim Se-woon (170 centimeters, F), the Sufi girls’ middle school won the championship in the Spring Federation match and the Federation’s chairman’s flag. Onyang girls’ middle school won the title at the association’s flagship competition, which Sufi girls’ middle school did not attend.

▶ Spring Federation: Sufia Girls’ Middle School (win), Suwon Jeil Middle School (quasi-win), Sangju Girls’ Middle School, Sunil Girls’ Middle School (fourth round)
The 61st Spring Federation was held in Haenam, Jeollanam-do from March 7 to 16. A total of seven teams participated in the preliminary round, divided into two groups. With fewer participating teams, passing the group stage meant winning the prize. As a result, Sufia Girls’ Middle School and Suwon Jeil Middle School in Group A, and Sunil Girls’ Middle School and Sangju Girls’ Middle School in Group B were the first four players of the season.

Sufia Girls’ Middle School won its first championship of the season. Sufia Girls’ Middle School, which boasted one level of performance, met Suwon Jeil Middle School again in the final, and announced a smooth start to the season by defeating Suwon Jeil Middle School 74-49 for two consecutive years.

▶ Association’s long term: Onyang Girls’ Middle School (win), Dongju Girls’ Middle School (quasi-win), Sunil Girls’ Middle School, Sookmyung Girls’ Middle School (fourth round)
Ten days after the closing of the Spring Festival, the 49th Korea Association Janggi Competition, the second competition of this season, took place in Yeonggwang, South Jeolla Province. The number of participating teams has also increased to 12. Onyang Girls’ Middle School and Dongju Girls’ Middle School made their first finals of this season amid full-fledged struggle among teams that joined the finals after fierce competition.

Amid a tense battle from the beginning, Onyang Girls’ Middle School, which gained momentum from the second quarter, beat Dongju Girls’ Middle School 74-63, becoming the ultimate winner. Onyang Girls’ Middle School, which won the title in all games, maintained its title as the organization’s flagship for the third consecutive year.

▶ Federation presidential flag: Sufia Girls’ Middle School (win), Suwon Cheil Middle School (second-place winner), Onyang Girls’ Middle School, and Cheongsol Middle School (fourth round)토토사이트

The federation’s presidential flag, the last competition of the first half, took place in Gimcheon, North Gyeongsang Province from July 1 to 10. Fifteen teams competed, and coincidentally, the final match was the same as the spring federation match. The winner of the return match between Sufia Girls’ Middle School and Suwon Jeil Middle School was Sufia Girls’ Middle School. Sufia Girls’ Middle School, which led the game (30-9) with Kim Dam-hee in the early days of the game, grabbed two titles of the season and three consecutive wins in the competition, along with a landslide (87-61).

Onyang Girls’ Middle School, the longest-tenured winner of the association, on the other hand, joined the semifinals after going through a rough ride. Onyang Girls’ Middle School had one win and two losses in the preliminary round. Onyang Girls’ Middle School, which was ranked second in Group A, beat Sunil Girls’ Middle School 69-57 in the quarterfinals, but bowed its head at the finish line as it suffered a complete defeat (52-76) by Suwon Cheil Industries in the semifinals.

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