This could potentially be detrimental to emerging niche markets.

For years, the push for legalizing online sports betting has been underway, with various supporters working and proposing legislation aimed at making it possible. The bills claimed that New Yorkers deserve the right to conveniently gamble online at any time and where they can find themselves in the state. Change may come soon.

On the first day of the year, Governor Cuomo announced that he would like to see legal online sports betting become a reality in local gambling houses. He was able to unveil part of his vision for the emerging online sports betting sector of the local game scene and stir the pot with it.

Super Bowl LIV Fueling New York Sports Betting Earnings
In the way Governor Cuomo sees things, one sports betting operator has to dominate the whole field and bring everything he needs to the table. They should have an existing association with one of the five commercial casino locations in New York State, and be based on local sites. Del Lago Resorts and Casinos, Resorts World Catskills, Reverse Casino & Resort, Tioga Downs & Casino, Jake’s 58 Hotel & Casino.

New Yorkers Bet $837M On New Jersey Sportsbook. The report shows
What’s also revealed at this point in the conversation is that the New York State Game Commission will oversee online sports betting operations. The Commission will issue a request for a proposal to find a sports betting leader who can safely introduce legalized provision. This will optimize the process of pointing to a single provider.

a legal hurdle
Governor Cuomo said the growing budget deficit was negatively affected by unprecedented conditions in New York State and around the world. Offline casinos and game centers, among many other businesses, had to temporarily suspend operations in March 2020. Legalization of online betting offers could result in gaming revenue reaching US$900 million and supporting communities.

Northern New York Sees Another Sluggish Sports Betting Earnings
However, the proposed single provider model triggered the situation due to its proprietary nature. Currently, only FanDual, DraftKings, Bet Rivers and IGT have existing contracts with commercial casinos. Casinos on racetrack sites are out of the current situation, which is essentially reducing the number of participants. More information is expected from Cuomo State on Jan. 11.

New York’s Rising Sports Betting Sector Struck By Fantasy Sports
Governor Cuomo wants to see a lottery operating model for the local online sports betting market that involves legal challenges.


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