Korean Air coach Tilikainen “Song Min-geun, if you last one season, you’ll be a new player”

Korean Air men’s volleyball libero Song Min-geun, who traveled to Slovenia to study volleyball in Europe’s prestigious volleyball league, took the opportunity to learn advanced volleyball on loan.

Korean Air head coach Tommi Tilikainen hoped that after a season of playing against tough competition, he would be a different player.

On April 30, Korean Air announced that Song Min-geun has signed an official loan contract with the prestigious Slovenian club ACH Ljubljana and will play until April 30 next year.

After playing just three games for Korean Air this season, behind the two main liberos in Oh Eun-ryul and Jung Sung-min, Song Min-geun has found an outlet on the other side of the world.

Ljubljana was founded in 1970 and has won 19 Slovenian league titles and reached the quarterfinals of the 2010 European Volleyball Federation Champions League.

Korean Air coach Tilikainen welcomed the signing of Song Min-geun, saying, “He has a chance to play not only in the Slovenian league but also in the European Champions League,” ahead of the team’s match against Woori Card at Gyeyang Gymnasium in Incheon on Sept. 30.Realistically, it is unlikely that Song Min-geun will get much playing time.

Ljubljana is anchored by Slovenian international and one of the best liberos in Europe, Yani Kovacic.

“There’s the experience you get from playing,” says Tilikainen, “but there’s also the experience of actually watching a world-class team play. You can also learn from other coaches.”

The important thing is to be willing to learn.

Physically being in Slovenia is not enough to improve your volleyball skills.

“You have to survive somehow,” says Tilikainen. To do that, you need a new perspective,” Tilikainen said, adding, “I’m sure that if she comes back after a season with a 토토 new perspective, she will be a different player.”

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