The possibility of remaining

Son Heung-min-Peric’s chemistry continues at Tottenham?…raising the possibility of remaining

Britain’s “Football London” predicted Tottenham’s move for the rest of the transfer market on the 4th (Korea Standard Time). One of the players mentioned here was Perisic.

The media said, “This summer, Perisic was judged to be one of the players to transfer to another team with Antonio Conte’s appearance. “The fact that Perisic has entered the final year of his contract has further increased the possibility of a transfer,” he said, first talking about the situation in which Perisic was able to leave.

In fact, Perisic was rumored to be transferred. Britain’s Evening Standard analyzed Tottenham’s release this summer last month and mentioned which players will leave the team. At the time, there was news that “Veteran Hugo Lloris, Ivan Perisic, and Pierre-Emil Hoivier will leave the team this summer.” 먹튀검증

At this time, Perisic was expected to leave. This is because Conte was brought in to further solidify his tactics, but he did not have much success. He played as a left wingback and scored one goal and 12 assists in 44 official matches.

There are many assist records, but this figure came at the tactical cost of Son Heung-min. Son Heung-min was hired like a midfielder to save Perisic’s aggressive ability, and his scoring ability decreased sharply. Pericic did not show as much firepower as Son Heung-min. With Conte’s departure, Perisic also seemed unlikely to remain in Tottenham.

However, coach Enje Postecoglou persuaded Perisic. “Football London” said, “Coach Postecoglou and Tottenham can make a big decision over Perisic, who excited the team on the pre-season tour in Asia. Perisic showed great influence in the final third and made a big impression in his role as a winger,” he said, predicting that coach Postecoglou could leave Perisic.

However, it is questionable whether Perisic will play as a defender even if he remains. Perisic was only used as a left winger during this preseason. Destiny Udoji and Sergio Reguilon participated in the left fullback position.

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