Cullen Commission Heard Confused Money Laundering Information

British Columbia’s Cullen Money Laundering Commission continues its second phase of public inquiry that provides more information on the way money laundering is taking place across the state. Criminologist Stephen Schneider released more information on the second day of the prosecution through an analysis on page 171.

Stephen Schneider, a professor of criminology at St. Mary’s University in Halifax, had a total of two days to share everything he knew about the subject with the help of an analysis he worked on. Money laundering across British Columbia has reached an unprecedented scale in the past decade, he said. He used various sources in news media, academic research, and literature.

Mr. Schneider took the time to investigate the subject in preparation for the launch of the second phase of the public inquiry on May 25. He investigated in-depth criminal activities in the provinces and concluded that the real estate and gambling markets at the local level were facilitating the laundering of criminal proceeds.

B.C. Money Laundering Open Investigation Phase 2
The Vancouver model is generally popular throughout British Columbia and Canada because it facilitates the extensive laundering of illegal funds coming from China. The money in question is often exported through informal value delivery systems, so it can reach British Columbia without hiccups. Criminals often mix the money they receive with the proceeds from drug transactions that have occurred.

Commissioner Austin Cullen has approved the first phase of the money laundering investigation
Casino locations across British Columbia are one of the hotspots where criminals launder dirty cash. Richmond’s River Rock Casino is rumored to have been laundering large amounts of cash by local private lenders, encouraging high roller’s gaming activities. Casino Location welcomed Asian players on the condition that they could offer themed games and play high roller games.

an open investigation into money laundering
Mr Schneider also noted that money laundering did not begin two years ago because there were signs of such criminal activity in the past. While offline casino games are particularly beneficial for individuals looking for money laundering opportunities, it should also be considered that the local property market has been used for similar activities. Mortgage is one of the preferred ways to launder money. 바카라

Is Ontario the next money laundering safe haven?
Vancouver’s money laundering model is a unique model in the region because it is a multilateral approach to criminal behavior. Mr. Schneider concluded that money laundering would not be fully replicated in another state in Canada. It is known to involve organizations such as Richmond-based Silver International. Money laundering appears to be carrying out certain types of business, but money laundering is behind it.

Greenlight Cullen Commission money laundering open investigation for Feb. 24
You may recall seeing the Cullen Money Laundering Commission disclose that more than C$7 billion was laundered across British Columbia in 2018 alone. This information has prompted a public inquiry into money laundering, and is seeking more from individuals who have observed areas that attract dirty cash. There will be more Schneider this Wednesday.

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