The nine-month-long command ended when he agreed to break up with coach Hulen Lopetegui

Lopetegui led Wolverhampton to stability in the English Premier League (EPL) next season when he took office in November last year, but admitted to differences on certain issues and agreed that it would be best for all parties to terminate the contract smoothly. “The club is working on finding a successor,” the official announcement was made an official announcement.

Coach Lopetegui said, “I wish Wolves and members of the club good luck.” Thank you for giving me the opportunity to lead this wonderful club. It was an honor to enjoy this adventure with everyone. Thank you for your support and help at every moment. “I’m grateful to the players, coaching staff and fans who always did their best to achieve their goals,” he said.

Wolverhampton General Manager Matt Hobbs said: “On behalf of everyone in the club, I thank Lopetegui and his coaching staff for their dedication and hard work during their time at the club. “They aimed to stay in the EPL, and we achieved our goal in the rest of the game,” he said, praising Wolverhampton’s stay in the EPL last season.

“Our ambition was to start a new season together, but we openly acknowledged that there are disagreements on several key topics. All parties agreed that it would be best to part ways ahead of the new campaign. After a successful pre-season full of hard work and good performance, Lopetegui and his coaching staff are leaving in great shape ahead of the season’s opening next week, he admitted that there was some problem between the club and Lopetegui.

The difference in opinion was on the financial side. Wolverhampton is now in a situation where he has to be very careful about his account books. EPL clubs are evaluated by the EPL Secretariat on accounting books every three years to meet revenue and sustainability. If the team’s finances are shaken through accounting books, it will be disciplined by the league secretariat. The level of disciplinary action is likely to vary depending on how unsustainable the club’s books are and the imbalance between profits and expenditures.

Wolverhampton is believed to have lost 45 million pounds (about 75.5 billion won) in the 2020-21 season and 60 to 70 million pounds (about 1006 to 117.4 billion won) in the 2021-22 season. The deficit allowed by the EPL Secretariat is known to be 105 million pounds (about 176.2 billion won). Wolverhampton has already exceeded the limit.

Wolverhampton has been very passive in the transfer market this summer. Despite the transfer of João Mutinho, Huven Neves, Nathan Collins, and Adama Traore, who were key players in the team, all they needed was to recruit Matt Doherty as a free agent.

Coach Lopetegui is believed to have been dissatisfied with the club’s failure to support him. Nevertheless, the club focused more on balancing the finances, and it is assumed that the relationship between the two sides eventually crossed an irreversible river. It is a skit that took place just before the opening of the EPL.

Wolverhampton is so financially shaken because he has been making huge recruitments in the transfer market for several years before Lopetegui came. Wolverhampton has been heavily recruited over the past four seasons, but most of them have failed.

Starting with Gonzalo Guedes, Fabio Silva, Mateus Nunense, and Mateus Kunya have invested a lot of money, but most of them have failed. Wolverhampton boldly spent money because he did not expect COVID-19 to explode, but he did not perform that much, and as the audience’s profits plunged, there was a problem with the books.

Wolverhampton is already watching the situation in Manchester City and Everton, which have been indicted by the EPL Secretariat. Wolverhampton also spent the transfer market with the worst-case scenario at home, as it is unclear what punishment the two clubs will face after being found guilty.

In response, the British “Telegraph” said in July, “Coach Lopetegui is not happy and does not believe the squad is suitable for the EPL at the moment. Wolverhampton has the best manager in history, but it’s a strange situation where he can’t support him properly.”

In the end, it was inevitable to send out Lopetegui, the best coach in the club’s history. Wolverhampton immediately sought a replacement.

Britain’s The Athletic said after Lopetegui’s breakup was announced, “It is reported that Gary O’Neill, who led Bournemouth in the past, is imminent to be appointed as a replacement.” O’Neill was appointed acting manager of Bournemouth in the middle of the 2022-23 season, but was appointed as an official manager as the team rebounded. He made an outstanding contribution to keeping Bournemouth in the EPL as an official manager, but was suddenly replaced after the end of the season. 메이저 토토사이트

However, questions remain as to whether O’Neill is a valid substitute for Lopetegui. This is because the manager’s experience so far and the performance he has shown are at a different level. O’Neill has only been a leader for three years. The only experience of properly leading the team as a coach is the experience of leading Bournemouth since September last season.

On the other hand, Lopetegui has been a leader since 2003. He is known to be the one who successfully led the Spanish national team by age and has experience in charge of the Spanish national team and Real Madrid. The most highly regarded is the days of Seville. He led Sevilla to UEFA Europa League (UEL) championship in the 2019-20 season.

Even when he was appointed as Wolverhampton, he quickly normalized Wolverhampton, which is located in the relegation zone, enabling a stable stay. Fans’ concerns are growing over the news that he will send out such an experienced and tactically recognized coach and bring coach O’Neill, who has not yet had much performance and experience as a coach.

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